The Trickster Princes

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The Trickster princes
"The jokes on you."
Origin Flesh and Mist
Titles The Scholar and Thief
The locksmith and liar
The Fool and Rebel
Names Knave of Aces
Aspects Knock Secret Histories
Date of arrival FNORD
Owner(s) beardedtree24

"I am the Trickster Princes" A common greeting amongst Trickster long

The Trickster Princes is the thirtieth hour of the manus written by BeardedTree. It is a god from Flesh and mist with aspects of knock and secret histories. It is the two that ascended as one and the Lord of the Laughing Court. It is an hour of extremes, chaos, and freedoms. The Trickster princes travels the Manus and the histories with their court of long spreading and affecting all with their manic enjoyment.


Two beings from the history of Inundant grail sought the greatest pleasure and travelled to the Manus itself. One was wise, talented and foolish seeking the knowledge of the hours, the other a wastrel with a silver tongue and arrogance to match seeking the gifts of the Hours. After travelling the manus the pair of travellers come to the attention of the The Spirarch who hosted them, granting them their wishes and teaching them about the manus. This continued untill they pushed the geneosity of the Spirarch and thus earned it ire. Killing and binding the pair the Spirach fused here bodys and souls useing the power of the glory. This fused being was erratic and twisted as the two souls fought for dominance. In an attempt to control her creation, the Spirarch dipped the being in the sea of mist. This stabliszed the being in mind as well as body. However, this being could not be controlled as it developed its own personality and the mania was still there. This being refused to part of Spirach plans and sought freedom and thus the Trickster Princes creation was complete.



The Trickster Princes has Three titles The Scholar and Thief where all is known and nothing is beyond their reach, The locksmith and liar where all barriers real and spiritual are unlocked and no mind is safe, The Fool and Rebel where games are plenty and laws are challenged. Despite these different faces the Trickster princes always look the same appearing a man dressed in cloak and hood of the colour of cream and wearing a plain mask. Beneath is a robe a jarring mix of bright colours and patterns.