The Storm-Tossed

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The Storm-Tossed
"I pass, like night, from land to land."
Origin Mist
Titles The Storm-Tossed
The Traveller
The There-and-Back
Names The Mariner
Aspects Moth Edge Knock
Date of arrival 1873
Owner(s) Will, A Poor Lunatic

The Storm-Tossed (The Traveller, The There-and-Back) is the zeroth Hour of the Second Fansus, represented by the Fool. It was born when the struggle between The Goldsmith and The Bright Tapestry: as the Goldsmith's blood mingled with the with the Sea's mist, the Opalescent Twins of the Storm-Tossed and The Knife's Edge sprung into being. It forever skims the boundaries of the world - between Wood and Mansus, sea and shore, existence and non-existence - wherever the storm is, the There-and-Back will be as well. Its aspects are Moth, Edge, and Knock. It rules over wanderers journeys, the tides of fate and chance, over the tempest and the tenacious survivor.


Once there was the Goldsmith. In its lust for the Glory it stole the creations of the Bright Tapestry, and the two Hours found themselves at each other's throats. The Goldsmith lost the confrontation, and in its death throes it fell into the Sea of Mists. There Blood and Light and Stone met Mist and the raw, elemental hate the Goldsmith and the Bright Tapestry felt for each other, and two new Hours emerged: the Storm-Tossed and The Knife's Edge - the Opalescent Twins of the Mist and the Storm.


The Storm-Tossed is usually depicted as a great albatross flying at the edge of a storm and over a great grey sea.


The Storm-Tossed is Moth, for it seeks, it yearns, it moves ever onward. It is also Edge, for it struggles against fate, against the sea-winds, against the great trees of the Wood that would hinder its flight. And lastly it is Knock, for its journeys and adventures.

It is the Hour of itinerant wanderers. It guides migrations to warmer climates, it sets the course for treks into the unknown, it judges those who survive at the edges. It is not a merciful Hour, for only the tough and strong and canny will survive the storm that it brings. It is forever pursued by The Hunter, and when it is caught at last, all hunts shall be over, all wanderings finished.



The Storm-Tossed is not the most popular Hour for mortal cults to worship. It is more often revered as one of many. However, there are a a number of individuals who take the There-and-Back as their patron, and they are rewarded with new lands to discover, new sights to see, and new obstacles to test themselves against.




The Mariner

It was an ancient mariner who, seeking life eternal drifted into that silent sea of mists. He guided his ship around the Maiden's legion and was becalmed in the wake of the Whisper Wind. For his skill and his struggle he was raised to the rank of Name, and in his arrogance and pride he shot his benefactor. Now the Mariner is cursed to drift the Sea of Mists until he repents. His aspects are Moth and Edge.