The Succulent Glow

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The Succulent Glow
Origin Flesh and Light
Titles The Succulent Glow
The Honey-Fire
The Fun Guy
Names none
Aspects Grail Lantern Moth
Date of arrival circa 72 B.C.E
Owner(s) Anaconda With Sword

The Succulent Glow (The Honey-Fire, The Fun Guy) is the Eleventh Hour of the Fansus, created by Anaconda With Sword. It is a God-From-Flesh and From-Light; a mortal who climbed The Spirarch to reach the Glory and was not prepared for what happened to it. Its aspects are Grail, Lantern, and Moth in decreasing order of importance.

Its tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune.



The Succulent Glow appears as a great, golden mushroom which stretches up towards the Glory to block out its light. In the darkness, the Succulent Glow lives up to its name, producing a faint greenish light. Sweet liquid drips from the pink underside of its cap, and those dreamers who drink it never leave their dream, simply curling up beneath it and letting the spores of the Succulent Glow consume them.


The Succulent Glow is the Hour of ambition, and of unsatisfied hunger for better things. Its principles are that of the mother who vicariously lives through her child, the beggar who desires to be king, the priest who demands to be treated as a god. It is invoked by lackeys, minions, flunkeys, and all those who desperately crowd around their desire like mold on a loaf of rotting bread yet are never satisfied by the taste of what they want.



The Honeyed-Tongued Ones, members of which are called Sycophants. Their motto is Success is an unparalleled sweetness.


  • Temptation: Fervor: I have the key to my ambitions, if I have the desire to grasp it.
  • Dedication: Fervor: I have dedicated myself to sampling my ambitions.
  • Ascension: Fervor: The Honey-Fire has touched me, and my mouth is full of honey and poison. I speak sweetly, or bitterly, but almost never honestly. I know this to be the Third Mark.
  • Ascension: Fervor: The Fourth Mark has stirred my blood, and changed my desires. I want nothing of what I wanted before, and everything of what I cannot have. Ambition is an unparalleled sweetness on my tongue, and the downfall of others an ecstasy beyond imagining.
  • Ascension: Fervor: When I bleed, my blood is clear and glows in the darkness. I consume poisons and rotted food without tasting anything but honey. This is the Fifth Mark.
  • Ascension: Fervor: I eat, and eat, but I grow no more. The Sixth Mark consumes my entire being, leaving me as thin and dessicated as a corpse. I will never be sated, no matter what I do.
  • The Sparkling Sweetness: I have entered through the Tricuspid Gate, starving for my ambitions. When I return to the world, I will be able to have all that I seek. This is the Succulent Glow's promise. Perhaps I will rise higher. Perhaps I will rebel.


  • Ascomycete Dead: The Succulent Glow has claimed this spirit for its own. Already the mushrooms sprout from its skin, and clouds of golden spores scatter where it walks. Soon, it will have to be returned, but for now it will serve.


The Fansus

The Succulent Glow sprouts from the Arbory, yearning towards the Glory with every inch of its being. Saccharine liquid drips from the underside of its cap, running down the House until it crystalizes, or reaches the depth of the Foundations where the worms burrow. Dreamers and Dead can be seen crowded around its base, rotting away to feed its growth towards the Glory.

The Histories

  • A Maligned Pit
    • The final resting place of a crazed and tyrannical ruler. The royals beheaded him and mangled his corpse, but they couldn't have known the treasures he carried. Probably.



  • Pestilent Spoon (Moth4): An artifact of change, with mushrooms engraved upon the hilt.


  • Foxfire Honey (Lantern4, Pigment): In the light, it is a white that is impossible to look at. In the dark, it is most likely a green, although it's too bright to tell.
  • Armillaria Sap (Grail8, Poison): It's a sweetness like sugar, and a bitterness like hemlock.


  • A Guide to Getting Rich and Famous (Moth2, -2 funds, Reason->Concentration): Written by the sort of gentleman who has never needed anything in his life.