The Shambling Dawn

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The Shambling Dawn
Shambling Dawn.jpg
""Solace is not found at Dawn.""
Origin Light
Titles The Horizon
Aspects Heart Lantern Forge
Date of arrival 40-38 B.C.E
Owner(s) Edward (formerly Erised)

The Shambling Dawn is the twenty-first Hour of the House of Earth and Sky, and is counted among the Gods-from-Light, despite never having descended from the Glory.

The Dawn is a strange Hour of dualistic principles: of Beginnings and Endings, Illumination and Concealment. Like the Sun itself the Dawn is warm and comforting from a distance, but wrathful and fiery in it's intensity up close. The Shambling Dawn wishes to overwrite reality with the vision cast by its light, so that a New World might be created.


To most the Shambling Dawn can only be observed from a distance, and even then to glimpse it is dangerous, for it means exposing one's sight to its power. To them the Dawn appears to be a light on the horizon, like a sunset or sunrise, yet strangely lacking in the yellow or red hues of a true sun; just pure, sterile white. Up close, the Shambling Dawn takes the form of a tall, androgynous figure carved from stone. In place of a head, a miniature sun burns, partially concealed within its hollow body. The Dawn burns with the heat of a nascent sun, and is therefore surrounded by a cloud of smoke and ash, yet strangely never enough to obscure its body fully from view. Strange figures occasionally emerge from this smoke grasping and reaching for the world beyond, but quickly are incinerated once again.

The Sun constantly marches forward, seeking to bring dusk to the current world and raise a dawn upon the new one.


Just like the others Gods-From-Light, the Shambling Dawn's link to the Glory is materialized by its aspect of Lantern. Whereas the Succulent Glow embodies the hunger for greater things mortals find in the Glory, and the Spirarch represents the desire for dominance and control, the Shambling Dawn incarnates the Lantern in its overwhelming, all-consuming incandescence. The Dawn is no Sun of Warmth or Compassion, it is a blinding light that conceals the truth of the world and gives life to the unnatural. Like how the true Sun rises and sets, the Dawn has influenced and ended numerous chapters in History.

It is an Hour that imposes its new vision on the old, details of things either deemed obsolete or best left forgotten are overwritten and replaced with details of the Dawn's creation. Records of the Secret Histories and the wars of the Hours must be carefully maintained, lest they be overwritten with the depressingly mundane or the otherworldly fantastical creations of the Dawn, everyone's pasts too modified for them to even notice the change.

The Dawn seeks to learn about the world, so that it might understand how to improve upon it, and in doing so destroy what it once was. To this end it endlessly wanders, seeking new knowledge to absorb and burn within itself and in doing so make it inaccessible to others.

As the true Glory brings life and warmth with its light, the artificial Sun's light does also carry strange effects. Statues and effigies it shines upon are granted unnatural life, and the landscape is slowly altered. Most disturbing is the effect it has upon people. For the Dawn does not simply alter a subject's physical form, it alter's ones history as well. Victims of the Dawn, even those physically unchanged find themselves afflicted with a strange dysphoria. Contradicting memories, physical traits and knowledge of skills they cannot explain why they possess.


He's the eternal bystander, witnessing ascensions and downfalls alike.


The Shambling Dawn is sought by people who've have apparently fulfilled an important part of their destiny, but secretly feel as though they were living a life that wasn't meant for them. Some are luminaries of their fields, worried to have reached the bottom of their branch and longing for the uncertitude of new discoveries. Others are haunted by the nagging doubt of having missed an opportunity that could have changed their lives.


The Gardeners of Mæcenas


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