The More-Opened

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The More-Opened
Origin Nowhere
Titles The More Opened
The Doubling Wound
Names none
Aspects Knock
Date of arrival 1421 C.E.
Owner(s) Cospinol

The More-Opened, also known as The Doubling Wound is one of the Hours of the Second Fansus, created by Cospinol. His primary aspect is Knock. He seeks to enter beyond the Mansus, and beyond the Glory. It was not the first, nor the fifth, nor thousandth wound that had opened his way, but the way was opened in time. From Nowhere he comes, his being a pulsating wound forever opening and opening again to bring forth new ways. His knowledge is an aggressive one, a defiling one, wherein the bound is pushed to breakage and then pushed once more. It is a cruel passage gained in part simply because it can. The language Chimu is associated with this hour.




The More Opened appears as an orb of translucent skin filled with blood, the skin constantly bursts open releasing the blood only to have the blood flow into another bursting wound that has just done the same, creating an endless cycling and flowing of blood across and within it.

Theories abound that The More Opened has also made appearances during Ancient Mesoamerican rituals as a lurking tendril of inky blood at the bottom of a cenote.


The More Opened embodies exploration for its own sake, unconcerned with its own movement. It is the principal of the transgression and novelty. His name is called by the unscrupulous only, the experimenter, the dysmorphic, and the necrophile. Free movement is not the concern of The Doubling Wound, but rather movement that would have normally been denied. The fading of barriers, the breaking of chains, the delving into darkness.





The Doubling Wound takes no servants and no names, it exists in solipsistic state, unaware that others might even have a touch of consciousness that it possesses.


The Mansus

The Histories




  • Congealed Wound (Knock8, Poison): A wound that did not double, let it not.




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