The Seraph

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The Seraph
Origin Flesh
Titles The Conductor Unseen
The Spectre
Names none
Aspects Moth Heart
Date of arrival relatively recent, circa 1880 C.E.
Owner(s) t3isukone

The Seraph is the Eighteenth Hour of the Fansus, created by t3isukone. He is a God-from-Flesh who, despite his recent ascension, allows little knowledge of the details. His aspects are Moth and Heart in decreasing order of importance.

His tarot card is the Moon.


Once a mortal with gifts and curses beyond that of mortality, he has changed beyond anything. He is a creature of shadows, of horror, and of heart-stopping beauty-for, for all the hideous, shadowy power he commands, he is also the man who played music that entranced those playing on Passion’s Stage and that elevated a mortal killer to the level of a god. The Seraph is jealous of his secrets-or ashamed, or frightened. He is a very young Hour, and his origins are something that he does not want known. Investigators and cultists who try to find out tend to end up hopelessly mad at best and dead at worst.


A skeleton wrapped in silk and shadows, a decrepit wreck, a creature of horror.


The Seraph is a creature of extremes-he is hideous beyond imagining, but the creations he makes are beautiful in equal right. Mortals who touch either test their sanity and most of the time, lose it. His wild and bombastic compositions have the Heart’s thunder in them as much as they have the Moth’s illusion, and music is something he holds dearer to his heart than anything in the Fansus. Shadows and trickery are also very important principles, though the Seraph has a strange soft spot for ‘freaks of nature’.


The Seraph is not an Hour who appreciates worship in sacrifices. While he will lend mortals his power if the rituals are performed correctly, what he wants more than anyone else is to be left alone. However, he does and will take Names-if a mortal's music or art pleases him, he will take them for his own.



Temptation: Masterpiece I have considered the art that I could make with the arts invisible.

Dedication: Masterpiece I have dedicated myself to making art no mortal could understand or create.

Ascension: Masterpiece Light is more and more difficult for my eyes to see, yet inspiration comes to me quicker and my fingers are faster. I know this to be the Third Mark.

Ascension: Masterpiece The Fourth Mark means that art feeds me more than food, yet I grow thinner by the day. I do not appear to have a reflection in the mirror.

Ascension: Masterpiece I am a thin, frail thing. Even the dim light from a candle blinds me and singes my skin. I hide myself from the world. This is the Fifth Mark.

Ascension: Masterpiece Eyes are on me, always on me. The Sixth Mark means that I know that he is watching.

The Orchestra Umbral

I have been shaped and sculpted like clay by hands from afar, and now I have been taken. I have become a creature of bone and smoke in the darkest shadows of the Mansus beneath the tree. I have sunk below, to where there is no light but the Glory that is not light and no life but that which will not end, and it is here that, conducted by this shadow and distantly by its master, I will create far beyond what I ever could have. My body is nonexistent, and was only ever a shell for my mind. I will not grow old, and I will not leave this place.



The Fansus

The Seraph hides himself in the shadows of the lower levels of the Fansus. Don't try to find him.

The Histories






The Seraph keeps to himself almost exclusively.