Our Lady Betrayed

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Our Lady Betrayed
Origin Blood/Nowhere
Titles The Saint-of-Vengeance, the Amalgamation
Names Our Martyr of Knives
Aspects Secret Histories Heart Edge
Owner(s) SRN

"I will remember you to her sabres."

Final promise of revolutionary Valentyn Petlura as the final barricade in the Siege of Moscow fell

Not all sacrifices are great, bloody, ritualized events. A knife in the back of an old friend to advance to a higher position. A comrade's disguise revealed to purchase amnesty. A gate opened in the dead of night for a bag of coin. The betrayed and sacrificed whisper their prayers to Our Lady Betrayed and they are Our Lady Betrayed. The gestalt consciousness of all the betrayed, she carries in her the hate and rage of all those who met their ends by the blades of one they thought friend.




As betrayal can take a thousand forms, so can vengeance. She has faces as innumerable as the wrongs committed against her. But many times, she appears as a harsh-faced young woman in a slashed dress or mail-coat with a blood-stained long-knife in each hand.


Harsh, bloody vengeance visited upon all those who wronged her constituents, vengeance a thousandfold, vengeance torturous in every way, shape and form. She has little interest in anything beyond that. Histories, for she remembers all the betrayals, every knife twisted, every treachery committed. Heart, for she is preserved, she remains, she will not end. Edge, for she will slay those who wronged her, with whatever force necessary.