The Partisan

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The Partisan
Origin Flesh
Titles Humanity's Vanguard
Aspects Forge Edge Knock
Owner(s) SRN

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity among man, and among the gods."

- Mantra of the Assembly of Ascension

The Partisan was the first God-From-Flesh to rise from the History of the Unanswered Knock. And the last. When he rose to the rank of Hour, he looked back and saw all the suffering and mortality in the Seventh History and stopped. He refused to take his place among the other Hours unless they also raised the mankind of his History and all the Histories to immortality and power and allowed them access to the Mansus. The Hours refused and cast him out. He is the Hour of ambition and the patron of mortals and the Histories, seeking to raise mankind to the Mansus. Exiled from the Mansus itself, he wanders the Seventh History and other Histories organizing mankind, readying it for another incursion into the Mansus. Forge marks his will for change, Knock his will to reopen the Mansus, Edge his will to do it. One day, if he has his way, mankind will rise to the Glory itself and build its cities over the ruins of the Monument and tame the Sea of Mists and climb the Spirarch...


In the History of the Unanswered Knock there was once a tyranny, a totalitarian empire that kept an iron grip on power. In that absolutist government, there was a revolutionary on the run. His cell had been broken and he desperately fled the inquisitors and secret-police hunting his head. In his desperation, he looked to the strange dreams he dreamed and found in it a great House full of eldritch and arcane powers that he saw that could possibly give him the might he needed to destroy the authorities that he so hated. He pursued the secrets deeper and deeper, under the guidance of a strange force of fire and metal until he became a Long of sorts, then a Name of sorts. With his new occult secrets, he raised an army of revolutionaries and secret eldritch creatures, sure of victory. There he found an unpleasant surprise: There was a power behind the Emperor. He was a Name himself, an independent power capable of raising great horrors against the revolutionary's own powers. But in the end, through blood and steel, he cornered the Emperor in his castle and slew him, and in that moment, he drank the Emperor's power and achieved ascension. However, even as he rose to an Hour, taking to the Mansus, he looked back on his followers and felt a pang of regret. Could he ascend and simply abandon them? As he reached his new status as an Hour, he demanded of the other Hours that they also give power to the mortals, removing their mortality and allowing them access to the Mansus. They rejected his entreaties and he left, furious, but not forever. He returned with the hosts of man on his side, having used his new might as an Hour to forcibly unify the History. The Hours cast him and his armies out after a series of long and bloody battles. Now he wanders the Seventh History as its ruler, working to strengthen the power of mankind that one day, they may rise again to take humanity's birthright...



The Partisan keeps to his human origins and appears normally indistinguishable from a regular human. A charming, smiling young man with dark hair, he does not normally even appear to be a particularly formidable human. Even in the Mansus, when he was in the Mansus, he appeared almost exactly the same, but rippling with ancient glowing power that displayed his strength, comparable to other Hours.


Forge marks his will for change, Knock his will to reopen the Mansus, Edge his will to do it