The Rotted Ox

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The Rotted Ox
""The end that will one day come.""
Origin Stone
Titles The Ragged Mass
The Seer of Rags and Ruin
Names Dust Singer
Aspects Winter
Date of arrival The Place Before
Owner(s) beardedtree24

The Rotted Ox is the twenty-fourth hour and is written by BeardedTree. A god from stone with a sole winter aspect and is a god of inevitable endings and stagnation. It seeks to bring the ending that was denied the ending that will one day come.


The Rotted Ox is one of the first hours and was from the place and time that was before the Manus or perhaps something else. As part of the old powers of ending the Rotted Ox relished in the stasis of that places dying moments and sought to ensure its final end. When that place died its ending was only the beginning, not final end that the Rotted Ox sought, ruining stasis it brought. As when the The Mother Bear awoke the glory was rekindled and life began anew. This may have forestalled final end but not stopped it and the Rotted Ox now works to bring the end that will one day come.



The Rotted Ox appears as a large and aged minotaur skeleton with scraps of withered flesh still clinging to its bones. In one of his Bony hands, an aged and gnarled wooden staff from which an hourglass hangs is held in one hand.


Decay, stasis and the inevitable end. They say the Rotted Ox once gazed into the fabric of time and learned what it holds now as the first and only truth. Progression and change mean nothing if will be naught but dust in the end.


Those who follow the Rotted Ox are often naysayers and doom seekers disillusioned with life and its ever-changing ways. But there is others way one might begin to worship the Rotted Ox. Sometimes those who whatever reason who wish for a state of static balance or normality may seek the Rotted Ox. Others seek the Rotted Ox out of curiosity, intrigued by the tales of about it. But those who beseech the Rotted Ox will almost always become enthralled by his vision and then begin to believe in the inevitable end that will one day come.


The Tatterkin who's members are called Rags. The motto is the same as their patron The end that will one day come


Those who seek the Ox's power may seek the marks of stasis

  • Temptation: an Ending: I have become tired with change and seek to preserve what I have
  1. Dedication: an Ending: I have decicated myself to stasis. Nothing shall change nothing shall happen all I shall be preserved.
  2. Ascension: an Ending: The Rotted Ox has shown me the truth change and progress is a lie, why bother when things decay and end eventually. My eyes are open this is the third mark.
  3. Ascension: an Ending: I haven't washed in weeks and wear tattered clothing. I have become a pariah this is the fourth mark.
  4. Ascension: an Ending: Everything I touch decay and ages rapidly. I have been blessed with the fifth mark
  5. Ascension: an Ending: My flesh is withered and the bone pokes through but the mind is strong. This is the sixth mark.

The truth of Stasis I am immortal, I am perfect, I am a skeletal long in the service of the rotted ox. He has shown me the truth and I Welcome it I will not age, I will not die I am preserved for all time.


Dust singer 10 Winter Start Summon: Dust Singer is the herald of endings you will need sufficient winter to summon her. End summon: the paint fades and cracks, panels warp and rot, insects die and a mournful note carries through the chill air. Dust singer was once beautiful and ambitious a singer who wanted to preserve her looks and fame like amber. She sought the stasis of the Rotted Ox and the Ox promised her all of this and more. Now a decrepit husk dressed in faded rags she announces the coming of the end with a mournful song.






In the depths of the wood, there is a dark fetid swamp. The swamp is filled with decrepit old ruins and lost mementos, choked with slime and weeds, slowly sinking deeper into the swamp. This is the domain of the Rotted Ox, where he plots and spreads his influence working to bring the end that will one day come.


  • The Storm-Tossed: the Storm-Tossed constant struggle is pointless, you cannot fight fate forever.
  • The Spirarch:Aborrence. The Spirach goals are the antithesis to the Rotted Ox and so stays far away.
  • The Perennial: while it's an hour of despair it also of hope, an odd and distasteful mix.
  • The Red Lady: This hour dedication to decay is admirable and thus an ally.
  • The Hunter / The Worm’s Foundations]]: it knows inevitably of fate but it doesn't truly understand.
  • The Masquerade:
  • The Bright Tapestry:A twisted hour of creation, beneath notice.
  • The Die Cutter: a god of chance and thus a fool, chance fails but endings are inevitable.
  • The Mother Bear: the Mother bear is the only hour the Rotted Ox hates more than the Spirarch. It Brought the light back and forestall the ending. But the ending will come and it's will be first.
  • The Maw Consuming: Fight all you want runt for it means nothing you cannot escape the inevitable end.
  • The Succulent Glow: a pathetic devotee of change.
  • The Knife's Edge:
  • The Princess Prominent:
  • The Warrior Maid: as its principles are eternal war and death the warrior maid makes a useful ally.
  • The Ferric Band: Another devotee of change. No matter how much they change or improve everything ends eventually.
  • The Partisan:A young fool it will see the truth in time.
  • The Monument: The Rotted Ox great rival. What it seeks to reclaim the ox seeks to destroy.
  • The Cub: the cub is born from the mother bear and that alone earns the Rotted Ox ire.
  • The Seraph: this hour hides in the shadows which the Rotted Ox can appreciate but it also plays that weird music.
  • Flint-and-Steel:change and progress that drives men to madness proof that change is a hollow lie.
  • Our Lady Betrayed:
  • The Worm Funktastic: Music is a foreign concept to the ox so it doesn't know what to think of this hour.
  • [[]]:
  • [[]]:
  • Our Lady's Resolve: an ending that wasn't final a mistake that can be fixed.
  • The More-Opened: the Ox pays little heed to this hour and lets it do want it wants
  • The Unending Worm: Confusion and pity. It strive for what it cant reach why?
  • The Clavier:
  • The Trickster Princes: its games and tricks are annoying but harmless so little attention is paid.

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