The Unending Worm

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The Unending Worm
Origin Nowhere
Titles The Unending Worm
The Yearning Maw
The World-Wurm
Names Cipactli, the Earthen Blood
Aspects Moth Knock Forge
Date of arrival 413 B.C.E.
Owner(s) Evoro, Paints-in-Blood

The Unending Worm (also known as the Yearning Maw and the World-Wurm) is the Twenty-Ninth Hour of the Second Fansus, created by Evoro and is the first of the Gods-from-Nowhere to occupy the new House. It constantly burrows and unravels itself from its anchor somewhere within the Nowhere, creating tunnels and filling them with its stony exterior in its attempts to reach the Sun.

Its primary and secondary aspects are Moth and Knock respectively with a minor tertiary Forge aspect, and it is relevant to the Emperor tarot with the Worm's Foundations, but primarily occupies the reversed side of the Lovers tarot card as number XXVIII.




Takes the form of an endless stone worm, ridged with craggy rocks and mossy stones, emerging from the depths of Nowhere and ending only in a single eyeless maw of grinding teeth and twisting stone.


The Unending Worm represents freedom from restrictions and constraints, as well as a compulsion to strive for distant goals. Since its arrival in the Mansus, the Worm has become the solid foundations upon which the Mansus rests, having tunnelled deep beneath it and wrapping around itself in its endless search for the Sun. Through a follower of the Worm's constant efforts to reach their higher goals, they may craft the groundwork of an organisation or historic event, through which further construction of society can occur. However, through their constant tunnelling beneath the surface, they may undermine the existing foundations and structure, toppling the precariously balanced constructs of civilisation, sowing chaos in their wake.



The Worm-Tunnellers "Et Vermes mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis." - The Worm-Tunnellers' Philosophy

The Worm-Shapers "Nos creamus fabula in forma a tinea." - The Worm-Shapers' Edict


Cipactli, the Earthen Blood

Resembling its Aztec namesake, Cipactli roams the surface of the earth as easily as swimming through water; a multitude of crocodilian eyes peer out from its primary maw as it traverses the terrain, acting as the Unending Worm's eyes and ears above-ground. When it occasionally traverses into the Histories, it burrows into mortal dreams and eats away at doubts and fears for sustenance as it scouts for the Worm.


The Wurm-Tunnels

Vast tunnels beneath the foundations of the Mansus, dug out of the earth in a spiral pattern from deep below the surface. The Tunnels themselves are largely filled in by the Unending Worm's stony mass, but branches and caverns have opened up where the loose soil has been disturbed and crumbled away.