The Bright Tapestry

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The Bright Tapestry
"Fear of perfection is the perfect fear."
Origin Blood
Titles The Bright Tapestry
The Eigenlicht
The Memory Woven
Names The Rain Burnt
Aspects Moth Secret Histories
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Cospinol

The Bright Tapestry, also known as The Eigenlicht and The Memory Woven, is one of the Hours of the Second Fansus, created by Cospinol. Its primary aspect is Moth, with a secondary aspect of Secret Histories. It seeks to light the whole of the Mansus with refractions of The Glory.

It possesses a singular name known as The Rain Burnt. A creature of the Mansus that had moved high aloft before straying too near The Glory. She was then naught but fluids and rained down from the sky to puddle amidst the lights of The Bright Tapestry.



An hour of old stone once roamed the Mansus, at its falling many EYES shone as they too fell. It is was from these bright and bloodied EYES that The Bright Tapestry arose. Furtively and secretively it weaves tangles deep in the passing shadows. And as the shadows pass, The Bright Tapestry passes with them; the light yet catches, reflecting and focusing. It strays never near its creations for fear of the light it so covets. It fears and yearns for the day when the whole of the Mansus will be lit and it can no longer escape the light, a subsumption that cannot be denied.


The Bright Tapestry has a body organized like that of an arachnid, but smooth and hairless. Two arms are those of a man, another two of a stag, two of a wolf, and the final two of an unknowable creature of sap and stone. Its bulbous head is a pulsating mass of black inky orbs that reflect all but the dimmest of lights with an equal but shadowed glowing intensity. It wears a makeshift robe of rocks, twigs,metallic scrap, and various organics from which It crafts the skeletons of Its lights. It is unknown where It acquires these materials, though clearly the scavenger possesses vast hidden stores.


The Bright Tapestry is the hour of creation for its own sake, humility, caution, and obsession. It seeks not the light of the glory for It fears its power, yet It continues to catch the light , never straying to see it shine. It is the light reflected in the eyes of the prey in the darkness and of the predator that must seek it. It is also a marker of time and events for as It catches the light it catches fragments of the glory; to those who understand, every light can be an entire history.



The Sewn Consortium a consortium of seamstresses and tinkers, who wish to see the whole from the parts, members of which are called The Weft. Their motto is "It is to be I."


  • Temptation: Purpose: "There must be something beyond the passing of those around me."
  • Dedication: Purpose: "I have dedicated myself to the grasping of the real."
  • Ascension: Purpose: "The Bright Tapestry has faced me forward. The frayed edges have begun to encompass me. I now wholly feel each of my movements and thoughts. I know this to be the Third Mark.
  • Ascension: Purpose: "I know now what it is to exist. I see the spinning encircle the sky as the threads are drawn toward me. I am no longer part of the rest, I now have the Fourth Mark.
  • Ascension: Purpose: "The Fifth Mark is of me. Each movement of my body is a labor, for now it is solely my body. I no longer sleep as I must beat my own heart and pump my own blood. On occasion I forget to feel out of my skin, but never do I forget to see from the flitting behind my eyes."
  • Existence Weaved: "I see now the whole of the tapestry and fear it's ingredients. I see of the tapestry. I see. I AM. AM."



The Rain Burnt

The Rain Burnt
'Flee, run, faster, faster, there are things yet to see.'
Moth 12
Heart 12

The sole name at current of The Bright Tapestry, the Rain Burnt was a powerful creature of light and sky, before in it's hubris it strayed too near the shining light of the glory. As it's being sputtered under the burning sight of the Glory it fell and puddled. Seeping beneath the ground it was not long before it found itself among the lanterns of the Eigenlicht. They found themselves of a kind. And so the Rain Burnt serves The Bright Tapestry as its voice; to warn the foolish, to guide the grounded, and to damn those who once more brave the sky.

Summon one of the Name-emanations of the Bright Tapestry
The Rain Burnt will answer only those who have seen it's loss of glory for which I will need a little Lantern, and heard it's gain of rapturous delving, for which I will need a sizable portion of Moth.
It burns into being, a heat at its back. Yet the air is cool and leaves condensation at its every breath, breaths that have already begun to whisper into your mind a silent cacophony. There is much to fear, and more to be done.
Knock 5
Moth 10
Lantern 2



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