The Mother Bear

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The Mother Bear
"Don't make me come over there"
Origin Stone
Titles The Mother Bear, Ursa Major
Names None
Aspects Edge Heart
Owner(s) Stone


The Mother Bear was the first Hour to arise in the house, awakening from her den of stone made in what was perhaps the ruin of an earlier house, perhaps something else. She awoke from Stone, and her stirrings breathed new life into the Mansus, brightening the Glory and opening old Ways. She was the first to stir, followed just after by the Cub, who was birthed from the Den.


The Mother Bear is the gate watcher, The First and Final Judge. Her power manifests as a force holding shut the door to those who do not belong or as a final judge in matters of the gods. Ursa Major is most often depicted as a great bear standing on its hind legs, scarred and battered by conflict. It is the hour of protection, tempering the savage ferocity of edge with the nurturing. She is defensive of her followers, thinking of them as children and bestowing upon the most devout boons of protection, toughening the skin and sharpening the nails. It stands firm in the light of the glory, pacing back and forth across the gates of the house, keeping out forces of nowhere and other such undesirables. She’s not omnipotent however, things do slip through the cracks but that is for the Hours within the house to deal with. The Mother Bear is the gatekeeper and the guard, she would never consider herself the enforcer of peace, for all that enter her house are her children and they may fight as they wish.



  • The Urisine Legion: The Legion is the first line of defense in the histories




The Mansus

The Den

Last night I dreamt of the woods around the Mansus. As I wandered, staring up at the great gates which are barred to me, the air began to grow thick with a musty sort of power. I found myself all at once in the entrance of a great cave, but one strangely familiar to me, reminding me of an old home I once had. So familiar it was to me, I laid down there and slept. When I awoke the next morning in my own bed I felt more rested than I have been for a very long time.

The Histories




  • A Scrap of Fur (Heart8) : A bundle of hair humming with protective power. Hang it from a cord for a potent talisman, feed it to your firstborn to ensure strong blood.




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