The Red Lady

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The Red Lady
Origin Blood
Titles The Uninvited Guest,
Names Death-Defier, The Child Queen
Aspects Grail Winter Moth
Date of arrival Exact details unknown, but thought to be around 11000-10000 BCE.
Owner(s) t3isukone

The Red Lady (The Uninvited Guest) is the third Hour of the Fansus, created by t3isukone. She is a God-from-Blood, born of desperate need and of waste, and as old as humanity's foolishness. Her aspects are Grail, Winter, and Moth in decreasing order of importance.

Her Tarot card is the Empress.


She stays far away when she shows herself on our world, but there are many stories of before a kingdom or country’s fall or a great plague, of a beautiful woman being seen at the edge of a crowd. She is a God-from-Blood-what blood is unsure. Some say that when Gilgamesh sated his hungers among the wives of Babylon, one of them watched as he fell in his pursuit of immortality-some say that a river valley went dry or flooded one too many times, and a woman in bloody clothing began to walk by it-some say that she watched pre-human civilizations when plague went among them. But all that is known is that she has been around for at the very least most of human history.
The Gilgamesh story seems to hold the most truth. Though now she is more identified with the oppression itself and the excess that can be gone to, she was, in the beginning, the oppressed. Exactly how much of the story is true is unknown, and neither she nor the Name most often implicated seem willing to answer.
Can't think of a fancy way to put this rn-she's nouveau riche trash who's nowhere near as classy as she pretends.


he Red Lady is always beautiful, if you do not look on her closely. From afar, she appears to normally be a beautiful woman dressed in high fashion of whatever era she is in, all a brilliant red. Closer, there are flaws-the smell of rot and flies that surround her, the lesions in her rotting skin, the sticky residue of blood she leaves beneath her.


The Red Lady is invoked when decay is hidden with gaudy displays, when one’s desires destroy them from the inside, when the rich feast as the poor starve. Excess and decay are both her principles, but she is always a creature of both. Blood and rot are as sacred to the Red Lady as wealth and festivities, and her cults often let sacrifices fester, that they may be more pleasing to her.






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