The Warrior Maid

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Origin God-from-Mist
Titles The Frozen Knight, The Winter General, Chooser of the Slain
Names The Maiden's Knight, The Unknown Soldier, FNORD
Aspects Edge Winter
Date of arrival 500 BCE
Owner(s) t3isukone

The Warrior Maid is the thirteenth Hour of the Fansus, whose tarot is Death, and whose Aspects are Edge and Winter in declining order.



The Warrior Maid is an Hour of war and death from war. She is the herald of causes that incite conflict, who forces the Dead who are killed thus into her army. She is a being who lives for war and for killing. Some claim she raises the armies of the dead with false promises of glory eternal, while others claim she simply gives them the choice to join her in her eternal war or die. The war she wages is war for the sake of war, killing for the sake of killing. It is her effective meaning and need-a war that will continue for eternity. Some see it as something she takes joy in, others see it as her grim duty. Few see her personally and live.


The Warrior Maid is a woman of mist and ice, clad in armor-though more modern depictions show her in a military uniform. She carries a weapon in one hand and a banner in the other. Often she is depicted atop a white horse, which she runs over any who stand in her way. She is a God-from-Mist, and in the mist she rides and leads her infinite army of the shuffling Dead.


The Warrior Maid is the Edge of her eternal war, and the Winter of the death that she brings and the Dead that she rules.



The Warrior Maid is not often worshipped. She is feared, but attempts to worship an Hour to placate them usually simply end in their interest being drawn. Those who enjoy the blood and slaughter of war for its own sake, those who find in war a madness that is not madness, those who end lives for their own sake find what they will in her eternal army. Many groups of warriors in older days swore themselves to her


Temptation: FNORD I have considered the concept of committing myself to an eternal slaughter.

Dedication: FNORD I have dedicated myself to a war effort for the sake of war, one that will never end.

Ascension: FNORD Fighting is a compulsion, and one that always must be ended. It is hard to stop myself from going to mortal means when I get into a fight. The Third Mark is this anger.

Ascension: FNORD My muscles seem to be growing stronger, yet I am always freezing cold. Spilling blood warms me, for a moment, but only for a moment. This is the Fourth Mark.

Ascension: FNORD My fingers and lips are blue with cold even in front of a fire, yet I do not shiver. They are strong and sharp, like claws. I could wreak much havoc with these hands. This is the Fifth Mark.

Ascension: FNORD


The Warrior Maid leads an army of the restless Dead, frozen with winter yet animated in eternal war. She takes every one she can, and is not picky-as long as they have arms to hold a sword and legs to charge, they can fight.

** The Maiden's Knight: "For now, my blade shall be your blade. I will serve you as my liege."

Aspects: Edge 12, Lantern 12 Temptations: None, he's very polite

Summoning Text: Summon a creature of pale sunlight: The Winter General's commanders are honorable, and will come when called-this one above all others. He shall serve us with nobility, honor, and rage. He will need Winter for what he is now, but light and Lantern will be needed to chain him.

Summoned Text: The Knight's armor is frosted, icicles hanging from his surcoat and white frost across his mail. The faint, warmthless glow of the winter sun follows him as he kneels and swears fealty. This one's anger is darker in the winter, but it is fierce enough for our purposes, and his strength is that of three men.

The Infantry Soldiers from all wars of all times, as frozen corpses with black pits of eyes.

Bear-Skins Soldiers who fought with animalistic fury and rage in life and now, in death, are animals of prey. Some are massive wolves, some bears, some eagles. They appear as long-dead animals of those types, frozen over, with their human skins as their armor. They serve as the mounts of her other warriors and occasionally shock troops.

The Shining Legion The Warrior Maid's elite troops. Regardless of how they fought when alive, they take the form of shining suits of silver plate armor with nothing within but snowy air. Their armor cannot be penetrated by anything except for fire.

Long of the Warrior Maid, whatever form they take, serve as lieutenants or higher in her army, and command her lesser troops.


The Mansus

The Histories





'The Saga of FNORD: FNORD



Generally poor. The Warrior Maid does not actively hunt any other hours, but if in her army's endless march through the Mist she comes upon one, she tends to seek battle immediately.

The Storm-Tossed:

The Huntsman: A rival, but one whom she shares several similarities with. She does not count them commonalities.

The Seraph: A coward.

The Red Lady: The Red Lady, as a fellow Winter hour, is spared from the majority of the Maid's campaigns-though she has been stabbed occasionally.

The Rotted Ox: The Rotted Ox is the closest thing to an ally the Warrior Maid has. While her endless conflict is different from its eternal stagnation outside, inside they are rather similar.

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