The Faceless King

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The Faceless King
Origin Stone
Titles The Faceless King
Names The Mouth, the Eye(formerly) and the Ears
Aspects Moth Grail
Date of arrival 480 B.C.E.
Owner(s) Fallen Puppeteer


Once upon a time, there was a cataclysm. The King survived, but his face was separated into three masks. A mouth, an eye, and the ears. Hr gave them hosts so he could see. And hear. And speak. And then he was betrayed... So he blinded himself. Since that day, he has been sulking in his palace, mourning the loss of the colors.


Usually a faceless, hairless, pale humanoid in regal robes and adorned with a glorious gold crown.


The Faceless King is the hour of the handicapped. The blind man's eternal torment of knowing he may never enjoy color in his life. The deaf one's confusion as the horrid cacophony with hidden meaning that can faintly be heard passes unacknowledged. The mute's silent scream, and acknowledgement that they will never be helped because they are unable to ask. Most of all, he is the disabled man's maddening(Moth) desire(Grail) to not be.