The Ferric Brand

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The Ferric Brand
Origin Blood
Titles The Ferric Brand
The Skin Sold
The Flayer
Aspects Forge Grail
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Cospinol

The Ferric Brand, also known as The Skin Sold and The Flayer, is one of the Hours of the Second Fansus, created by Cospinol. Her primary aspect is Forge, with a secondary aspect of Grail. Stretch the eyes to coal, stretch the skin to iron, stretch the heart to steel. He sees the mortal and immortal body as both the strongest and weakest of life, the point of ultimate potential. Where there is potential there ought to be results; remold and reshape to be stronger, to feel more, to be more.




The Ferric Brand takes the appearance of a two-faced bust wrought of a cold silver. One face bares the contortions of a once beautiful woman, her eyelids are peeled back and her lips clipped back like hair, shining teeth stuck in permanent grin. Opposite is the smooth mask like face of what might be a man, though only the barest of features remain. It sits expressionless, thin worms of razor wire burrow their way to the inside of its nostrils and eyeless sockets. Blood condenses amidst the linings of their openings.


The Skin Sold is the hour of bodily potential. Those who call upon this hour are those looking to feel more, to see more, and to be more through the augmentation of the body, and at the extreme, much more. It is not only the lost athlete, or the perverse pleasure seeker that call upon his name, but the cripple and the lame who seek to regain what was taken from them. She offers one promise, to take and to give, to make weakness strength. The old body may find disgust in what she has wrought, but the new body, that is the one that will worship her for the pleasures she gives.






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