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Origin Blood and Stone
Titles Blank, The Stillborn, The Is-Is Not
Aspects Winter Knock
Date of arrival Maybe
Owner(s) Archon, Archivist of Glory + Anaconda With Sword

Blank (The Stillborn, The Is-Is Not) is the Zeroth Hour the Fansus, created by Archon, Archivist of Glory, Anaconda With Sword, and wedidthetimewarpagain. It is a God-From-Blood and a God-From-Stone, an Hour which has both never been and always been. Its aspects are Winter and Knock in equal importance.

Its tarot card was the Fool. It was usurped by The Meatgrinder when it burst forth from The Engine of Cycles in desperate joy, tearing nothingness itself limb from limb.



Blank is the nothingness between atoms, the gaps within all that exists, the absence of Gods, and the silence of sensory deprivation. You cannot look at Blank. You are only ever looking at Blank.


Blank is the Hour of blank slates, clean-driven snow, silence, stillbirth, and other such things. It is the Hour of that which can never be begun, that which can never be finished. Ironic, perhaps, that it was finished by The Meatgrinder, but what is not may not die.



This is a monstrous idea. Why would you worship it?


  1. Temptation: Blank: There's a key here. What is it for?
  2. Dedication: Blank: What have I done? What haven't I done?
  3. Ascension: Blank: I haven't been touched. I have been opened. There are holes in me, to let in the Third Mark.
  4. Ascension: Blank: The Fourth Mark is the gaps in reality, the gaps in that which exists and does not exist, the way my eyes spill from their sockets.
  5. Ascension: Blank: Dead is alive and alive is dead. Seventy-seven cycles for the Fifth Mark. I do not recognize the bodies in the mirrors.
  6. Ascension: Blank: I touch them and they live. I touch them and they die. The Sixth Mark exists. The Sixth Mark does not exist.
  7. What Is, Is Not: Nothing. Nothing. Nothingnothingnothingnothingnothinnothinothnotnon-



  • A Conspicuous Absence: You can tell it is there because how the room never had a left side, nor a left wall, and indeed, nothing has ever happened in that space since the dawn of time. It will not so much leave, as be filled.
  • Lost-Futured: This might have been someone, in another time. They do not need to live anymore, but they cannot truly die. For a short while, they will drink of the reality you offer them.





Blank is most easily felt at the Breach, where the shattering energies of the War of the Doors reveal the absences this Hour can be found in.


The Fifth History, as it was wrenched apart by the fury of the Hours, became colored with the absences that Blank adores most. Within the twisting nothingness of that shattered history, the voices of the Lost-Futured can be heard. Blank died in The Sixth History, when The Meatgrinder tore the nothingness to pieces, allowing the reality of the Sixth History to flow in and out of the universe.




  • White-Out (Dye, Winter4): Perhaps, in the future, insight will be so common that people will pay to have it erased. For now, the substances that will return parchment to a pristine state, free even of the marks of a lamb’s short life are hard to come by.
  • Pulsing Cord (Heart10): Don't look at it too closely.


  • An Unstarted Song (Winter5): You will not start it. You will leave it undone, until the end of the world.


  • The Mangling of the Unborn (Winter12, Vak): This is the story of a failed rebirth.