The Spark

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The Spark
Origin Light
Titles The Star
Names none
Aspects Forge Lantern
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Edward

The Spark (The Star) is the Seventeenth Hour of the Fansus, created by Edward. It is a God-From-Light, who descended from the Glory in the earliest days of mankind. Its aspects are Forge and Lantern in decreasing order of importance. It is said its first gift to early man was the notion of fire, which allowed man to rise and in many histories become the dominant power of the world. Even when more Hours of the Forge Principles ascended to the House or descended from the Glory, the Spark continued travelling the histories, planting ideas in the minds of the brilliant.

Like the rest of the Forge Hours, the Spark was involved in the Engine’s creation, but only briefly, planting the seed of both its inception and its subsequent “improvements”. But the Hour of Hope has never stayed in one place for too long. While the rest of the Forge Hours invested significant amounts of their power in seeing it succeed for personal reasons, Spark was already off in search of new minds to guide and ideas to inspire. And so when the Ignition occurred and the other Hours of the Forge were consumed by the birth of the great Engine of Cycles, the Spark alone was spared, taking refuge in the Histories. It is shocked to see what has become of it’s gifts, and it’s feelings on humanity are far more mixed than they were initially. However, it continues to look down on the world from afar, it’s heart still filled with the Hope all will be well in the end.

Its tarot card is The Star.


The Spark is normally intangible, a metaphysical fire that serves to ignite ideas in the minds of others. When it must take on a form, it is usually represented as a small mote of flame, or kindly old traveller in the trappings of a elder or a wise man. Some say it’s true form is a star, a literal guiding light that looks down on the world from afar.


The Star is a Hour of Forge and Lantern, of change and illumination. It is the Hour of Inspiration, Hope, and Progress. It signifies the most crucial step of change, the inspiration. Spark doesn’t have much power of its own, but it sets the stage for great things to follow it. It is the first spark that brings an engine to life, the first spark of the bonfire that provides warmth, light, and food to a village- Or a forest fire that burns the earth clean. While more complex processes and Hours have ascended and gained popularity since the early days of man, Spark’s inspirations remain a vital part of the Forge Principle.






The Fansus

The Star’s wanderer nature prevents it from claiming a location of its own.

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