The Unmirror

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The Unmirror
The Unmirror.png
Origin Nowhere
Titles Aspeculum
The Opal Fox
Names None
Aspects Moth Winter
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Fox

The Unmirror (Aspeculum, sometimes also called the Opal Fox) are the Thirtieth Hour of the Fansus. They are a God-From-Nowhere, and their aspects are Moth and Winter. They were once the Mirror, a God-from-Blood that never was - the Hour of true selves and that which stays constant with change - manifesting as mirror images of a fox. The Mirror was shattered and thrown into Nowhere, but found the Truth in non-existence.


The Unmirror manifest as a cold glimmer in the air, and as deafening silence. Those whose end is approaching can sometimes see foxes of precious opal just beyond their vision, and hear their call, just slightly quieter than silence.


The Aspeculum are the collective will of all that is gone, a non-entity that never was and never can be. They are that which is forgotten, and all that which is forgotten is part of them - as it always has been, and always will be; they are chaos, because all is chaos and they will be all. They are an end that comes on its own and lasts an eternity. They remember everything, for they are oblivion itself.

That which is shattered can never be unshattered, that which has perished can never unperish. The Unmirror are closure, but they do not bring the endings - they are the endings that are brought.


The Unmirror do not care for followers or worshippers, as everyone will, sooner or later, always have been the Unmirror - be it tomorrow, or when the Sun burns out. Those with particular affinity to the Unmirror are the old, the senile, and those who do not desire. They have no Names, as their Names are the Aspeculum.