The Archivist

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The Archivist
Origin Blood
Titles The Archon-in-the-Eves
The Wardstone
Names none
Aspects Heart Secret Histories
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Archon

The Archivist (The Archon-in-the-Eves, The Wardstone) is the Eleventh Hour of the Fansus, created by Archon. It is a God-From-Blood. Its aspects are Heart and Secret Histories in decreasing order of importance.

Its tarot card is The Wheel of Fortune.


The Archivist is shown as a worn statue or golem, possessed of the ability to move, but not using it, holding a great wheel or stone and keeping it from moving. Moss grows on and around them, and in the background, many clay tablets written in cuneiform are stacked and indexed.


This is the Hour which fights entropy. It preserves all it can, collecting and storing and restoring what it can find. It cares most for uniqueness; to call on it is to assert that one is a unique specimen worth holding above all others. To those who do not earn this title, it grants blessings of growth and learning, and spreads knowledge. Using it as a source of lore is risky; while it does not actively deceive , it does not fact-check, and spreads heresy in favor of orthodoxy.






The Fansus

The Histories



  • Baldr-Stone (Heart8): Once a great man was killed with wicked words and pointy sticks. Never again will his heart beat, but it will glow with his light until not even the Archivist remembers his name.


  • Last-Ink (Winter4): This ink was made from the last specimens of three different species. There is nothing else quite like it in the whole of the mansus. To use it would be a heresy against the Archon-in-the-Eves, unless what was made was greater than what was consumed.


  • Lintel-Words (?): Words are the bricks of the mind, and if spoken at the right time, in the right place, these will turn a dry-wall into a fortress.