The Architeuthian

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The Architeuthian
"Through pain, strength. Through struggle, victory. Through victory, enlightenment"
Origin Flesh
Titles The Squid
The Architeuthian
The Dweller in Depths
Names The Captain
Aspects Lantern Heart Forge
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Cyborg-Squid

The Architeuthian (The Squid, The Dweller in Depths) is the Fifth Hour of the Fansus, created by Cyborg-Squid. He is a God-From-Flesh. His aspects are Lantern, Heart and Forge. His tarot card number is 4, corresponding to that of The Emperor. Heavily involved in the First History (ascension of The Aged Bones), The Second History (his home prior to his Ascension, Fourth History (the Platyplode Plague), and Fifth History (the War of Division).

Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange. --The Tempest, Shakespeare



His true form is that of a giant squid, but in order to dwell within the Mansus, he requires a simpler form. Therefore, he adopts a form similar, if not identical, to the one he held as a mortal. A beautiful, dark skinned man with a deep cut white tan overshirt, loose brown trousers, and sandals. Accessorized with gold jewelry.


The Architeuthian has influence over those who seek forbidden knowledge and he encourages his followers to push themselves to their limits. Treachery is not tolerated. Progress is made through evolution, not industry.

Theme Songs

Previous songs were ones that fit with Adonibaal (the RP Canon version of The Architeuthian). New songs will eventually be picked for The Architeuthian.



The Antediluvian League, home to the Dedicants: Paper is never enough of a surface for these cultists, and traditional inks never enough. Skin works, with knowledge tattooed across every surface. For others, blood works as ink, and walls as canvas.


"Fill a bathtub with salt water. More. More. There. Now add the oils, release your blood into the water, and submerge. When you emerge, if you emerge, you will be more capable, and stronger." These are the Marks of Survival, to obtain them one must not fear death, and change.

  1. Temptation: Evolution: It has occurred to me that I could be better than I am, in a more powerful form.
  2. Dedication: Evolution: I have dedicated myself to changing myself, both mind and body. I will survive and I will outlast, no matter the cost.
  3. Ascension: Evolution: The furious gaze of the Squid is upon me, and everywhere I go I feel like I am being watched. I know this to be the Third Mark.
  4. Ascension: Evolution: The Fourth Mark has removed my inability to breathe underwater. Perhaps I do not need to breathe at all, though this is difficult to test. I am never dry, I am always damp.
  5. Ascension: Evolution: The Fifth Mark required me to open my neck veins to the saltwater. The wounds have almost completely healed, though whenever I breathe there is a gurgling sound, and the scars are extremely visible.
  6. Ascension: Evolution: My skin itches furiously and comes away in patches, revealing rubbery flesh beneath. I dislike being away from sources of water for extended periods of time. This is the Sixth Mark.
  7. The Evolution of Man:: I have passed through the Tricuspid Gate, in a perfect and imperishable form. I entered the Aquarium to thunderous applause, for His Servants were enthralled by my splendor of form. I will walk the world in the service of the Architeuthian, learning, evolving. Perhaps I will rebel. Perhaps, one day, I will rise even higher.


  • His Mercies: creations made by the Architeuthian’s own hand, to help aid and heal his most loyal of servants in their endeavours. Have porcelain pale skin, large shining eyes, and permanent sharp grins. The Architeuthian intended their appearance to be comforting, but it has been a long time since he was human.
  • The Anchors: former Long of The Maker now in the service of the Architeuthian to help draw their god back from Nowhere.
  • The Flesh Eaters: survivors of the Valley of Teeth


The Fansus

The Squid dwells in the Aquarium, massive building filled with tanks of water in which float tomes of forgotten lore, somehow preserved. Various leavings and failed experiments of Hours also reside within, simultaneously trophies, prisoners, and exhibits. Some exhibits in The Aquarium include The Joined Ouroborines from the Fourth History, The Flesh Eaters from The Valley of Teeth, The Platyplode Plague from the Fourth History


Tools and Ingredients




  • The Anaconda: Blood-brothers.
  • Snake Tail with Appendages: The Architeuthian dislikes the Tail, since it keeps trying to break into the Aquarium and mess with his stuff. Unworthy successor to the GS.
  • The Engine of Cycles: The Architeuthian is waging a secret war against his followers, seeking the power of The Maker.
  • The Peacock: A thief, opportunist, and coward, who stole St. Darwin away from his just as justice was about to be served. Prior to that, manipulated the people of Bayal.
  • Old Tarnished:
  • The Spark: The Architeuthian believes that the Star is weak and deceitful, as well as being too nice.
  • The Cuckoo: Messed with the people of Bayal. But everyone hates Cuckoo, so he doesn't stand out in that regard.
  • The Silver Owl:
  • The Watcher in the Window:
  • The Elder Sister:
  • The Apple-of-the-Eye: Both hoarders of knowledge, but incompatible personalities.
  • The Bright-Delver: Delightful serpent-child, fellow member of the Scaled Court, but too weak to rule.
  • The Harvester:
  • The Insidious:
  • The Snow-Stained:
  • The Fanged Bramble:
  • The Aged Bones: These two Hours have a sort of teacher-student relationship. The Architeuthian is proud of her ascension. As with the Anaconda, he is debatably a friend with her.
  • The Mendicant Without: Somewhat manipulating, fed them an account of Mansus history which paints him in a very positive light and his enemies in a negative one. Granted them access to the Aquarium, in order to garner more favor with them, since they're not normally allowed in the Mansus.
  • The Anvil:
  • The Maker: The Architeuthian coveted the Forge-power of the Maker, which is now consumed by The Engine. Prior to that, messed with the people of Bayal.
  • The Great Serpent: