The Aged Bones

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The Aged Bones
The Aged Bones 2.png
Origin Flesh, The First History
Titles The Aged Bones
The Throne-Eternal
Names (to be decided)
Aspects Winter Secret Histories Forge
Date of arrival 25th December, 800 C.E.
Owner(s) Evoro, Paints-in-Blood

The Aged Bones (She-Who-Remembers, the Throne-Eternal, formerly Empress Irene) is the Second Hour of the Fansus, spawned from the bones of Empress Irene when she made her final journey to the House Without Walls. Her aspects are Winter, Secret Histories, and Forge.


The Aged Bones originates from the First History, where the Holy Roman Empire conquered the majority of Western Europe under the rule of the Empress. After many years of studying the occult, she found her way into the House of the Serpent through a now-forgotten Door, and held long, philosophical debates with The Architeuthian, whom she met along the way. With her duties in her own realm to handle, however, she could never spend too long in the House before making her journey back with secrets or forgotten knowledge.

When her time slowly came to a close, she travelled once more to the Serpent’s Palace with the knowledge that her line would not continue if she stayed in her own world, and took up a throne of carved stone in a large hall beside the Aquarium. Though she succumbed to her mortal condition soon after, her bones were filled to bursting with her old occult knowledge, and ascended to the ranks of the Long in spirit - if not exactly in body.

Despite being immobile as she slumped against the cold stone, the Aged Bones could recount tale upon tale of the Old Monarchs and their place in history, merely asking another tale in return, until she grew to become an Hour after the Splitting of the Great Serpent with the help of The Architeuthian. Now, she is settled in the Weaver's Librarium, where she weaves the threads of the Histories in an effort to improve human livelihoods and share her vast sums of knowledge with those few who pass her trials of willpower and intellect.



The Throne-Eternal is a large throne carved from smooth yet plain stone, with the former Empress seated regally upon it. The Aged Bones slouches very little, despite being entirely skeletal in nature, as if her occult knowledge alone keeps her upright. Her eye sockets have since clouded over with smouldering blue flames, and a deep grey mist lazily drifts from her skeletal mouth when she speaks. Her bones are an ancient yellowing colour, and have sprouted extra finger bones and toes since her “death”.


The Aged Bones remembers the legacies of those who have made their mark in history, no matter how small, just as she remembers all the lore she has gathered over her many long years sat in her throne. With decades of history in her memory, she moulds empires into such shapes as to avoid past failures and achieve past successes in an effort to craft a timeless legacy of civilisation and order. If there is one thing one should remember when trading secrets with the Aged Bones, it is that she never forgets.



The Cult of the Aged Bones is known as the Court of Bones, and prominently features the Long who sacrificed their mortal bodies to ascend in spirit and access part of the knowledge of She-Who-Remembers, as well as being able to consort with her Names directly, no matter their place in the world. The Know and Acolytes of the Court exist to glean wisdom from the Names and Long whilst assisting in caring for their corpses - primarily in their travel via wheelchairs and coffins.

Because of their unorthodox methods of ascension and transport, it is common for the Court's Know and Acolytes to be disguised as morticians and funeral workers, or take up these professions as legitimate employment to fund their own cult activities.


The Curator

The Keeper of Tomes

Minister of Bones, Emperor Nikephoros the First


"Sit in silent stillness for hours on end. Grow accustomed to a seat of rich wood. Sit straight, and let the dust settle. Not a single breath should enter your lungs, for to breathe is to allow the dust of death to reassert its dominance, and will break the perfect clarity of a true silence. Let your eyes see inward, and witness the Mark of Repose."


Histories of Europe (Vol. 1)
A prodigious tome regarding the history of Europe, primarily describing in detail the events of the Middle Ages. A few pages on the Holy Roman Empire have been bookmarked.
Secret Histories4


The Mansus

The Aged Bones rests upon her throne in the Weaver's Librarium, a vast archive of knowledge set beside the Aquarium.


  • The Architeuthian: The Aged Bones spends long days conversing with the Architeuthian, as well as having had intellectual discussions before her ascension. She considers them a friend of sorts.
  • The Anaconda: Both Hours are friends of the Architeuthian, and it is no coincidence that the Ways to the Throne-Eternal twist and contort if one who means harm to her walks them. There is, however, no record of the two Hours ever meeting.
  • The Engine of Cycles: While these two Hours haven't interacted directly, the Aged Bones witnessed the point at which the Engine of Cycles devoured the Sixth History and claimed its souls as raw materials. Despite the Sixth History's failure in her eyes, she holds a significant distaste for the Engine's actions.
  • The Bright-Delver: The Aged Bones ascended from the First History, that History which the Delver shaped the course of. The Delver herself is deeply proud of this Hour despite Architeuthian being the patron instead.
  • The Vizier: A fellow ruler of sorts from the First History. Somewhat of a friendly sort as well, though I take careful note of his slight alterations to my tapestries of History.
  • The Harvester: Merely an accomplice to the Engine, the Aged Bones harbours a somewhat lesser degree of disdain for the Harvester.
  • The Great Serpent: The Segmenting allowed the Aged Bones to ascend to Hourhood.
  • The Mendicant Without: The Mendicant Without has been witnessed wandering by the Aged Bones' stained glass windows, where they occasionally hold a brief conversation. Sometimes the Aged Bones passes on secrets that she allows the Mendicant to spread among its followers.