The Meatgrinder

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The Meatgrinder
Origin Flesh, Steel
Titles The Meatgrinder
The Army-of-Blades
The Ocean's Flesh
Names The Divided Gentleman
The Darlings
Aspects Grail Moth Edge
Date of arrival c. 1800 C.E.
Owner(s) Wedidthetimewarpagain

The Meatgrinder is the First Hour of the Fansus, spawned from the Garrison of the Hour The Anaconda in a desperate, failed attempt to counteract The Engine of Cycles in the Sixth History.




The Meatgrinder is a flailing mass of flesh and steel, and it perverts anything it touches. Anything it changes remembers precisely what it once was, but is no longer the same and has no wish to be what it once was. The past cannot be changed, and memory is its one weakness.


The Ocean's Flesh desires, The Ocean's Flesh bleeds. It changes in chaos, beholden to none. It is indefatigable.



The Cult of the Meatgrinder is named the Order of the Flesh & Knives and commonly features mutilations but never sacrifice.


The Divided Gentleman The last member of The Garrison to dive into the Engine was unlucky, in one respect, as he failed to ascend to Hour-hood with his compatriots. He was fortunate, in another respect, as he was graced with becoming the Meatgrinder's first creation. When he coils and compresses himself, he can retain the shape of a normal, well-dressed man; but it's much more comfortable for him to stretch himself out by about 20 feet in all directions.

The Darlings Some [Merrymakers of the Peacock] wandered too far from the Revels, and, alert to the scent of the Grail, wandered into the Meatgrinder's many hands. They were freed, they became birds with human faces, hands, and legs, screaming and cawing. Unable to forget the revels and joy of their past, they shriek in despair.

Slice An unwise Long fell in love with the Meatgrinder, and attempted to consummate that love. This was the result. She was not disappointed.

The Menagerunds The ensemble of The Fanged Bramble's former Vines, ripped to pieces and put back together into an ever-growing collection of mechanical animals made of wood and leaves. As The Meatgrinder wanders about the Woods, it is liable to run into the tangle of Vines that choke The Woods.




The Mansus

The Meatgrinder goes where it will, but the other hours rarely allow it into the Mansus


  • The Anaconda: Sort of a Mother-figure to the Meatgrinder, as much as it believes in such things.
  • The Engine of Cycles: Sort of a Father-figure, but in opposition to it's perfect harmonies.
  • The Vizier: Bored by order & precision.
  • The Harvester: Sees The Harvester as an untrustworthy rival sibling.
  • The Peacock: A pleasant ally in the revels of grail, provides plenty of delicious fodder for the Meatgrinders' knives.