The Ferryman

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The Ferryman
Origin Stone
Titles The Ferryman
The Dolomedes
Names unknown
Aspects Winter Knock
Date of arrival Unknown
Owner(s) Edward

The Ferryman, also known as the Dolomedes is the Eighteenth Hour of the Fansus, created by Edward. A God-From-Stone, its aspects are Winter and Knock in decreasing order of importance.

Its tarot card is The Moon.


The Dolomedes typically manifests as the Moon in the night's sky. When it must present itself to mortals the Ferryman takes the form of a vaguely humanoid figure aboard a small boat with multiple arms, two used to row the boat, and the others to hold and weigh the souls and possessions of passengers. As the Dolomedes, the Hour takes the form of a massive spider that can walk on water.


The Dolomedes is the Hour of Dreams as well the Hour of Balance and Exchange. It is the Hour that governs mystical transactions and travel between the Histories and the Mansus. At the beginning of the Histories, humanity made a deal with the Ferryman to attain the ability to cross over into the Mansus. In doing so, all of mankind became indebted to this Hour.

As a result, when all mortals and former mortals die, their value is weighed by the Dolomedes. Its criteria for judgement are unknown, but it ultimately decides where most Dead go after their deaths. Some Dead are left on the shores of the Mansus, and others are taken away to the realm of the great spider. Those that escape this enigmatic realm are rendered mute and are eternally covered in sheets of silk. The Dolomedes allows occultists that know of the secret world to cross over into the Mansus and remain lucid. It takes some of the dreaming as well as objects that would otherwise become lost and forgotten as payment for this service.

As the Hour of Balance, the Dolomedes despises needles disruptions to the peace as well as theft. FNORD

It will always honor its deals, but one must be careful to avoid wording that would allow this cunning Hour to take more than they intended.






The Fansus

The Moon

The Histories

The Moon and the Bridge of Moonlight

Appearing briefly on the surface of great bodies of water when the rising and setting Moon shines upon them, the Bridge is a metaphysical construct weaved by the Dolomedes to permit the Dead and Dreaming to travel between the worlds. The Dolomedes opens the way each night, and returns most dreamers by morning. If some of these mortals were to never awake as payment for its service to the whole, who would really miss them?