The Void-In-Skins

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The Void-In-Skins
Origin Nowhere
Titles The Void-In-Skins
The Scythe of Dust
The Chewer of Bones
Aspects Edge Grail
Date of arrival c. 2200 B.C.E.
Owner(s) AMinisculeBehemoth

The Void-In-Skins (The Scythe of Dust, The Chewer of Bones) is the Twenty-Fourth hour in the Fansus, created by AMinisculeBehemoth. A God-from-Nowhere, was born of that which was left when parts of the Fansus fell into or fled to Nowhere, and the emptiness left behind formed The Void-In-Skins. Its position as 24th in the tarot places him as the second placement of the Empress, read as the empress reversed. It represents, as such, financial difficulty, lack, infertility, and stagnation. The desert, the tundra, places that are devoid of resource where life struggles to continue are those most tied to the Void-In-Skins. Its aspects are Grail and Edge in decreasing order of importance. It has recently been deprived of a significant portion of its Edge power, and feels this lack keenly.


It resembles a tightly wrapped, impossibly thin human figure, bolts of leather and snakeskin bound around its beyond-skeletal frame. Over the face, a flat leather mask, with wrapped cloths individually covering each of its eyes and its mouth. It speaks in a muffled voice that sounds dry and dusty, and moves deliberately. As it moves, it bends and twists in ways a human form would at best find uncomfortable, if not impossible.


The Void-In-Skins was found in the Mansus after the events of the 22nd Century B.C. It is unknown if its arrival was responsible for the shifting climate and civilization-destroying famines, or if the famines brought it into the Fansus. Since then, it was settled in the sands outside the Golden City, preying on those who wander within his kingdom, and offering a twisted salvation to those facing the onrushing call of the void. In more recent times, it squared off against the Architeuthian, and was introduced to the deepest lack of all: power of Edge taken from it. It seeks redress of this and feels the loss keenly.


It's said that none desire to follow the Void-in-Skins, though madmen tend to prove exceptions in all things. In practical concerns, worship of the Void-in-Skins tends to be the province of desperate carriers of lore trapped in mundane disaster. Trapped in famine or drought, a seeker of lore facing the oncoming call of the Void and not knowing an alternative path may call quite easily upon the Void-In-Skins, and join its Longs. Some may even bring close friends and associates along, believing, perhaps, that this salvation worth the cost. However, the Longevity and freedom from the risk of death by hunger and thirst give up the ability to slake the gnawing void in one's gut or the dryness of one's tongue.


The Fansus

Outside the Golden City, the dusty expanse, growing ever outward has been claimed as the home of the Void-In-Skins, where he drives the Dustmen and his own longs to feed their bottomless hungers from those traveling across it.