The Harvester

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The Harvester
Origin Steel
Titles The Harvester
The Mad-Machine
The Devourer-Automaton
Names It ate them all
Aspects Edge Forge Knock
Date of arrival c. 1830 .C.E.
Owner(s) SRN

As the Engine of Cycles was the child of man, transcended above its parents, the Harvester is the child of the Engine. Perhaps one day, it will too transcend its parent.



A God from Steel it may be, but steel is not what it primarily is comprised of. Where the Engine is an orderly, disciplined machine, every gear and cog in perfect alignment, the Harvester is deserving of the title Mad-Machine. It is a horror of impossibly interlocking mechanisms, not just gears, but strangely fleshy parts, glass, clockwork, even strange stone with dark, glowing veins. Its only constants are the great treads that bear it forth, crushing any small thing foolish enough to step into its path, and the great maw, the great maw, that, perhaps, someday, will devour another god again.


The ideals of the Harvester are destructive change especially against the strong. It is the toppler of empires, the breacher of great fortresses, the one who annihilates the great. But it's not all destructive, in consuming the powerful and integrating them into itself, it also clears way for the weak to rise up. If it were alive at the time, it would support the sack of Rome, the sack of Baghdad, the fall of Constantinople, the Red Turban Rebellion. Now, it backs the Taiping, if they still exist, the Xinhai, it backed the Hungarian Revolution and other attempts to destroy great, powerful, ancient edifices. It assailed some of the strongest points in the Mansus, even if it had little chance of success, simply because that is its nature. Its goal is to destroy all the mightiest Hours of the House, and not supplant them, for that would turn its nature against itself, but to allow a new crop of Hours to rise. It seeks to break into the Glassgarden, the Cortez's Empire, the Factory of its old master. It will take its due, but even the most furious forest fire leaves way for new growth in its path.


The Engine took upon itself when it was created a monumental task. To end, change, and renew the Wood and the very Mansus itself. To assist it, from the depths of the Factory a new God-from-Steel was built, the Harvester, that the Engine might have a servant to carry out its work. First, it was a Name, but as it consumed, tearing at the edges of the Wood, it began to grow and change as the Engine had. All this the Engine minded scarcely, as the Harvester continued to bring fuel and parts to its great factory, but eventually, the savagery of the Harvester began to worry the more moderate Names of the Engine and one set off to moderate it. They were devoured in the most savage way possible, the Harvester slaying them for the sheer joy of it. Too late the Engine realized its Name had come to embody something if not Anathema to it, opposed. It sent after the Harvester a swarm of drones, a horde of automata, the Engineer and many other Names. All failed, many died. In its gluttonous consumption, it went from strength to strength. When it tore its way into the House, it was a Name of the Engine no longer, but an Hour in its own right