The Fanged Bramble

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The Fanged Bramble
The Fanged Bramble.png
Origin God-from-Blood
Titles The Fanged Bramble
The Toothsome Root
Names Ysabella Black
Aspects Grail
Date of arrival 902 AD
Owner(s) Evoro, Paints-in-Blood

The Fanged Bramble (That-Which-Bites, The Toothsome Root) is the Sixteenth Hour of the Fansus, born from a single seed stolen by the Cuckoo. It exists in the Woods of the Fansus as a winding tangle of vines and toothed flowers, luring wanderers into its mouths with the scent (and sometimes taste) of fruit that blossom periodically from its flowers.





The Fanged Bramble itself shows itself directly very rarely, however, it takes the form of a long and winding series of thorny vines that spread throughout the Woods, often splitting off and sprouting lilac flowers with either human mouths or sweet-smelling fruits at their center. In the middle of the Woods lies the original mouth of the Fanged Bramble - a large maw lined with human teeth, with a mossy green tongue hanging from it. The main mouth leads to a large cavernous throat that eventually (through a series of long falls) leads to the Bramble's Endless Stomachs.


The Fanged Bramble exists to devour flesh and bone, but it believes primarily in the temptation of its prey - luring with tantalising smells, seductive appearances, and a gnawing hunger.



While the Fanged Bramble operates mostly on a "survival-of-the-fittest" method of promoting its followers, with a heavy emphasis on "lone wolf" cultists, an impromptu cult has since sprung up: the Cult of Blackberry Blooms. The Blackberry Blooms are focused primarily on the supplying of tools and information to Bramble cultists who require aid.

" a stem courses water through to the flowers it sprouts, so to are the lone cultists provided proverbial water through the Blackberry Blooms." - Ysabella Black, founder of the Blackberry Blooms, and current owner of the gardening supplies store Black and Black's Gardening.


Ysabella Black, a Patron
Sweetened words, intoxicating aromas, and freely-given gifts; the deadliest weapons in her arsenal.

Ysabella Black is the first Name to survive the Fanged Bramble's many stomachs, and she emerged not too unlike her old self... but different enough. With pitch-black hair always styled with a swoop, eyes of violet blossoms, and a seemingly endless flow of wealth and resources at her disposal, she supports her fellow Bramble cultists wishing to sprout and bloom into beautiful flowers such as herself. However, every rose - or bramble - has its thorns.