The Diagram

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The Diagram
Origin Light, Steel
Titles The Diagram
Longing's Blueprint
The Impassionate Guide
Aspects Grail Forge
Date of arrival FNORD
Owner(s) Amets

The Diagram, also known as the Longing's Blueprint, or the Impassionate Guide is one of the Hours of the Fansus, created by Amets. It is a God-From-FNORD. Its primary aspect is Grail, with a secondary aspect of Forge.

Its tarot card is The Sun.



The Diagram rarely depicted outside of its formulae of desire and passion. Of course, each loving equation and every sequence of desire are themselves depictions and emanations of the Diagram. Thus, Longing's Blueprint could be argued to be one of the most widespread Hours.

Of course, the true Diagram does not exist, not yet. Longing's Blueprint is too abstract to exist. The Impassionate Guide is a theoretical concept, an idea. It had originated from the Spark in the Nth century, longed in the mind of the time's musician-mathematicians. It had then been spread and formulated in a barrage of incomplete mathematical equations, whose partial successes have contributed to the verisimilitude of the Diagram, eventually elevating it as a God-from-Light and a God-from-Steel.


Longing's Blueprint is the hour of theoretical and logical science, as well as all manner of desires, mortal or otherwise. Against common impression, it is also an Hour of birth - one of the few direct children of the Hours, but it is also giving birth to itself through spreading and advancing its own creation and proof. Thus, many occultists venerate the Diagram as the hour of birth and, rather paradoxically, both childhood and parenthood.

It is sometimes accused of being from Nowhere, but it does not truly possess Nowhere's stench. It is simply unfinished, a partially conceived god.



The Choral Schematic, birthing-place of the Luminaries, the romantic-contemplative order dedicated to the study and mapping of the intricacies of human emotion.