The World-Carver

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The World-Carver
Origin from-Flesh
Titles He Who Crawls in the Shapes Below, the Biter
Names NONE
Aspects Edge, Moth, and Forge
Date of arrival Modern Era
Owner(s) Cyborg-Squid


That of a human man dressed in a fine vest, but his head is that of a termite, and in his hands he holds a hammer and chisel made of bone. Another depiction by the mad and deceased painter Tiaja has him with 6 outstretched termite arms, a silver needle grasped in each and appearing to thrust out towards the viewer.


Forge for his construction of his under-realm, Moth to hide it, and Edge for its protection.


In his dreams, he dreamed of the Mansus, of this vast unknowable prison, this secret knowledge. His story is almost a classic occult one, of an adept learning more and more about the secret world and attempting to make his way there. He stumbles upon a fragment of a God-from-Stone, the Avulsed, and begins to craft and shape with it, making it into the foundation of his home. Perfect, beautiful, comfortable, a place for him and him alone. He works and works and works on it all his life, until one day it is finished, and it is gone, for two Mansus at once can not be tolerated. He was taken into the Mansus proper, but the shape and power of what he built still remains for adepts and acolytes to pursue, in the form of the Long Hallway.


He Who Crawls in the Shapes Below does not demand your worship, oh no no no, all he demands is your service. No veneration, only dedication!

His Ideals? To carve out a world, a new world, beneath this one. To shape and mold according to his whims, a place for all the under-things to dwell.

He does not open the way, but once you make it here, he may have a place for you, far beneath. He does not share his knowledge, for he desireth none, he desireth nothing but your aid. Help him carve, dear one, be carved in turn, and witness the rise and descent. He wishes only to forge a place for himself, a place where he comfortable, and maybe if you are like him, you will be comfortable as well.

Do you feel dissatisfied with your normal life? Are things difficult? Imagine if they were easier. Imagine that your life is pleasant. It does not have to just be a dream. The World-Carver can help you make it so. All he asks is some help from you, and you will be helped in turn. Just take that hammer, take that chisel, maybe take that knife, and start carving. He will guide the shapes and structure. Just cede your will to him.

“Give your ambition to me. You don’t need it, I will do the work for you, so you may be comfortable. Just give your will, your body, your mind. You won’t need it.”


They never last long, he always finds some way to trick them into letting him take control of them. Many of them tend to be individual opportunists heeding his lures of comfort, pleasure, and a better life.


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He lacks the traditional servants most Hours have, forsaking the use of Long and Names altogether. He is a greedy Hour, with no desire to share, and this consolidation of his power and essence helps keep him alive in a House very hostile towards him. He does number many mortals among his servants, however, they are more like slaves. He strips them of their will and personality and embeds commands within their minds, normally whatever construction function they are supposed to be preforming. The best workers are those who give their minds willingly, and so the World-Carver attempts to wheedle and trick them into Faustian bargains. While he does make the typical 'soul upon death' bargains, a corpse is of no use to him and disruption in the flow of souls can end up bringing unwanted attention on him. He does his best to obtain a mortal while they are still alive and, hopefully, in their physical prime. Once obtained, they are put to work chiseling out new tunnels and similar constructions, working ceaselessly until their bodies eventually fail and they perish. The World-Carver is also able to take control of a mind directly and influence and manipulate them, but that ends up being more hands on then others, which he does not prefer.


The Fansus

He is both within and without the Mansus. He rarely traverses there fully, due to his many enemies. He prefers mainly to use his Avulsed-Fragment, a potent remnant of the God-From-Stone that once governed the powers of Knock, as an (mostly) inaccessible (to those those who aren't Him) base in which he lives and constructs his new home. This has sometimes been termed as 'the Under-Places' or 'The Space Below'.

The Histories

The Long Hallway: A location that transcends limitation of space, a twisting hellscape of labyrinthine architecture. As a mortal, the World-Carver practiced the arts of many aspects, and while Knock was core in his construction of the Long hallway, he only now possesses that power in his Avulsed-Fragment, and has abandoned any attempts to control the Long Hallway, at least for now.







About the World-Carver

How They Feel

Who They Blame

What They Hide


He is less than fond of the Lantern principle, due to his secretive and hidden nature.

  • The Piper: "A kind old man, in a world that is not kind to old men. Could stand to cheer up a little." Neutral.
  • The Firstborn: "Betrayal=good. Fighting Abbess=also good. Could be an ally if that stick could be dislodged from his ass." Neutral.

  • The Weft: "Tweedle-dee..." Dislikes
  • The Warp: "...and Tweedle-dum." Dislikes.
  • The Mechanism: "Oh, so the furniture can be an Hour, but not me, huh?!" Dislikes.
  • The Hill-Queen: "I use my servants far better than you could use your own kin." Dislikes.

  • The Distinguished: "A woman of ambition and comfort. If only we had started off on better terms..." Conflicted.
  • The Captain: "A potential ally. If only he had picked better allegiances... " Conflicted.
  • The Gilded Insect: "Kindred spirits! :).......But I cannot stand competition >:(." Conflicted.

  • The Solemn: "If only he could tell me where he buried the bodies, so many more fragments would be mine." Pities.

  • Abbess Sunset: Has fought with her on equal footing on several occasions, matching her blow for blow, due to his consolidation of power and mastery of Edge and stealth. Hates.
  • The Recollection: "In the words of a certain uncouth bastard: "Bite me." Hates.

  • The Avulsed: "The dearest, delightful, delectable dead. Oh how you've helped me so, oh how I've helped myself! To you!" Loves!