The Captain

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The Captain
"Come along."
Origin Flesh
Titles The Pathmaker
The Maw-Within
The Zephyr
Names The Maned Man
Aspects Knock Lantern Secret Histories
Date of arrival Ascended several hundred years after the Gilded Insect
Owner(s) PerishedFraud

The Captain is highly neutral and simple Hour. While he holds a few secrets, none are harmful, nor a bother or regret to learn of. He is the Hour of discovery, also associated with wisdom and calm/peace to lesser degrees. The Captain's signature ability is being able to travel anywhere and anywhen. Personality-wise, this Hour is fond of complex plans and prestige and follows exclusively his own moral code. He loves nothing more than a grandiose presentation and a positive outcome. He is a pacifist and does not oppose or work against any being, with perhaps one exception. No matter who you are, how the Captain views you depends entirely on his own judgement, but you have nothing to fear from this Hour, who refuses to fight, or even strike back if assailed. The Captain is always considerate and willing to assist those who ask. You might find the Captain offering advice, doing favors, serving other influential Hours, or perhaps pulling the strings of something grander, though he's probably doing it for your own good.



A simple journey, thought the man, not knowing that his life had been cast away to a scuttling deceiver. The waters became endless and the continents shifted every day. One morning, he would disembark on a new world - the next, he would be back on his vessel, no choice but to venture once more. Under the eyes of Hours unknown, it took the man decades to realize the supernatural nature of his toil. His unhinged dedication to breaking free lead to unparalleled exploration and mastery of the unseen laws and unspoken stories of the universe, especially those of the Glory-Light. After a hundred lifetimes, there came a day when the man simply dove into the ocean, only to emerge from a pool in the Mansus.

The Pathmaker has been to the most wonderful and most inhospitable of places, caring very little about obstacles or laws, but also not hindering anyone. Since his ascension, he has spent an immeasurable amount of time gazing and intruding into the past, and is thus technically one of the oldest Hours. Going by time spent in the present, however, he is among the newest.

After the From-Stones died, he explored every nook and cranny that was opened by their deaths, even trying to venture into their minds, although he found them strangely empty of memories.

Tales of strange places overseas are quite common in all Histories, and plenty of those tales can be traced to the Captain’s influence or personal endeavors. Just how many legends did he conceive?


An aged sailor, bearing a grey mane. When not journeying, he wears a striking purple uniform and a rather elegant bicorne hat. His skin ripples like water, his steps leave a trail of salt, and the wind rustles around him forevermore. He may also take the form of a Gerridae if the occasion beckons it. Equal parts jolly and calm - only an unseen sight or untold secret may pique the Captain’s interest, and trying to tempt him with anything else is a fool’s errand, though he’d most likely play along if your intentions are good.


  • The Hour of Discovery - Having run out of places to visit - he now subtly intrudes the dreams of those with otherworldly fantasies, reveling in their newly-created mindscapes and wandering them himself to sate his endless hunger for knowledge and adventure. He enjoys telling tales of his travels, but only to fellow Mansus-dwellers, as he deems others unworthy.
  • The Guide - When the divine ones and their servants travel far and wide, the Captain is one of the curators they may choose. Mortals may instead call upon his Names, who tend to appear as sailors or, rarely, pirates; these followers know the world and its secrets like the palms of their hands, though they lack the Pathmaker’s utter mastery of travel.
  • The Seeker - He treads across all waters - that of time, space, and of reality itself - as such, he can reach just about anywhere. This freedom is not tolerated by all, and combined with the Captain’s deep hatred of secrets, it’s not hard to see why he got to be where he is now.



The Captain does not, in fact, have a cult. Those who venerate him are solitary individuals. They might form groups but they never form organizations. Such folks might look up to or aspire to be like the Captain, but ceremonial worship is forbidden. Since his followers are constantly on the move, having something to organize would prove nigh-impossible. Lower initiates of other cults, especially those of the light, sometimes defect to the Captain.

Offerings are made in the form of pilgrimages, and particularly vivid dreams may be devoted to the Captain for later exploration. Murderers are to confess their actions in their sleep and plead to be judged, lest they lose the Pathmaker's favor. The Captain issues punishments for such devotees through his names, but they are never deadly or overdone.


  1. Temptation: Discovery: I've begun to consider exploring what I can of the world.
  2. Dedication: Discovery: I will see all that there is to see in this beautiful existence.
  3. Ascension: The Earth: I have found the first mark. I feel uneasy without movement. My sleep is vivid.
  4. Ascension: The Seas: I have found the second mark. My dreams tell me of things to see, places to be at..
  5. Ascension: The Stars: I have found the third mark. I cannot be still. I do not grow tired. The world awaits.
  6. Ascension: The Mind: I have found the fourth mark. I am blind, yet I see all that I have seen.


The Maned Man

"Yo ho ho!"
Aspects: Edge12, Knock12 Temptations: Knock5, Edge2, Lantern10

Summon The Slayer of Intentions
An enthusiastic brigand set ablaze with flame and light. He once served The Mangled, and now serves the Captain. He promises not to raise his sword - he doesn't need to.
Fools are those who dare tread before him, and before any who are beside him. They face not only The Maned Man, but their greatest fears given flesh.

The Mansus

The Ocean of Regret

The Captain dwells on his trusty ship - The Solace - which is an old Galleon that sails on its own. The ship, in turn, dwells in the Ocean of Regret - a small lake of warm tea when viewed from the outside, but an endless ocean from within. Luckily, the ship is always close to shore. The Ocean is located in one of the lower chambers of the Mansus, and was originally a watery prison until revisions were made.

Anyone is allowed to visit at any time.

The Histories

Simply put, there are too many influences to list. The present wouldn't be nearly as pleasant as it is if it wasn't for the Pathmaker's touch.












About the Wassail

How He Feels About It

“They got exactly what they deserved...but some more than others.”

Who He Blames

“There’s far more than one culprit, but I could tell you who I think is most responsible - The Hill-Queen and the Golden Insect, those bags of lard..."


  • The Firstborn: An old acquaintance. The Captain may often advise him. The two argue often, and he refuses to partake in the more wrathful or carnal activities. This aside, The Zephyr maintains a friendly relation with the Firstborn.
  • The Piper: Views him as a kindred spirit - a friend and a rival he’s proud to have. Though he feels differently about the Wassail, he sets this aside and embraces the Piper as someone he can talk to freely.
  • The Weft & The Warp: He is quite loyal to the two, believing they did the right thing. Though he doesn’t serve them directly, favors are not unheard of.
  • The Distinguished: Was it worth it? It's not my decision to make. I hope that it was.
  • The Prince Consort: You must have many stories to tell...
  • The Hill-Queen: I’ll know the atrocities you’re hiding, one day.
  • The Tessellate: Genius mind and good company.
  • The Solemn: The Captain is a silent supporter and occasional helper.
  • Brother Grimalkin: Vile, but also cute and not too unplesant.
  • Abbess Sunset: You are more than a weapon.
  • The Skinner Box: Watch where you tread, and call if you need me.
  • The Stillwater: The Captain had to resist the Stillwater's calling in order to finally ascend. He has a deep hatred towards it, but also respects it slightly.
  • The Heart-Felt Fantasy: Wonderful in all regards.
  • The Gilded Insect: Harbors an intense, murderous rage towards him, and thus avoids him, because he refuses to even consider such violence. Very peculiar for someone as peaceful as the Captain.
  • The Mechanism: A useful tool, but one that makes light of its users.
  • [[]]:
  • The World-Carver: Your endeavor is foolhardy, but I wish you good luck and hope for the best.
  • The Eye: He’s passed some of its harrowing trials in the past. Approves of the tests it gives those it gazes upon, perhaps out of nostalgia...
  • The Reminisce: You are more than the past.
  • The Millions-Upon-Millions: Everything that the Stillwater isn’t. One of the Zephyr’s most-respected hours.
  • The Fruitbat: You are also an explorer, though a different kind.
  • The Blight-Abiding: Misunderstood and unsociable. Time heals all wounds. Surely time spent with good company will heal the Aubade.
  • The Cantharide: Sometimes a great friend. Sometimes a madwoman.
  • The Weave: What a pity, though I understand why she had to go.
  • The Sockpuppet: Eager students are welcomed and very appreciated. Horrible stories of coming-to-be will be put aside.
  • The Dongolopticon: I cannot lust for another ever again.
  • The Bird-Mother: You are more than a grudge.
  • The Mare-Night: Goes to show that you can represent a vile cause and still be respectable. Some hours should take notes.
  • The Stillborn: It's time for a bedtime story.


  • The Captain's powers of travel originally only included the material and the spiritual. His original third aspect was Moth, not SH. At some point after his ascension, he made contact with the Weave, or rather, the Weave made contact with him, and he carries some of her knowledge ever since that moment. (He does not carry anything else, and is unable to make full use of the knowledge due to being an hour of flesh.)
  • The Warp & The Cantharide heavily influenced the trials of his ascension, essentially filling up his otherwise still and mind-consuming travels with fantastic events and places. He is not entirely aware of this.
  • Holds the key to other dimensions (Other Fansii). Only his closest acquaintances know of this.
  • The Captain is the current holder of the title of Judge. A position of duty given only by the Glory through its servants. While being a Judge involves punishment, the Captain interprets this as being tasked with reforming the necessary Hours into their best (or at least most-pleasant) possible versions.