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Humanity’s Heartbeat began with the Felt Fantasy, and thus, the first steps of dance was trodden, and the first paintings were made. Perhaps the most important hour in the duties of creation, as it is the yearning of a heart, or the anxiety just before something is begun. Its exact origin is intertwined with the murder of the Stones so tightly that it could be compared to the fire from the pyre, or the wetted edge of a blade.

The most prevalent controversy of the Heart-Felt Fantasy was when, and how it was born.

All agree that it came to be either just before, during, or after the Extirpation. It is most likely the missing link, explaining why the power of the From-Stones did not dissipate into the cosmos, and instead transfused into humanity.

The fact known to all is that it was born into its role, with the question of when it did so in relation to the deaths of the Stone-Born a large question, almost as large as how it started to beat.

If it was born before, it may be guilty. If it was born during, it was almost certainly guilty, and if it was born after, it is not guilty of the Extirpation.

Was it a seed unfurling in the mass grave of the dead? Was she a great drain, who murdered much like a vessel of water poured into another? A Knife that had slain Hours and transformed in the terrible presence of so much death into a beginning? Or perhaps the blood of the dead given a rhythm to move?

All agree that its “birth” ensured that the death of the Gods-From-Stone would be forever "continued" in the form of art and human activity.

In many ways, the Heart-Felt Fantasy is the prime suspect, but conflicting narratives and factors lead to a rock-solid alibi for the Fantasy.

Others claim that the Heart-Felt Fantasies Predecessor did murder the Stone-Born, but in doing so had either perished itself or transformed so utterly that they are different entities, and regard the case as closed; The murderer fathered the Heart-Felt Fantasy


A newborn, its heartbeat loud and trumpeting above all sounds. Usually neuter, sometimes female or male. If it needs to be dignified, then as a presence. Flowers seed, and babes chortle in laughter in the presence.





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