The Piper

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Creator: t3isukone

Origin: Light

Pronouns: Him/He

Aspects: Secret Histories, Heart, Moth

Tarot: XXII - The Fool

Ideals: Storytelling, fiction, fantasy, prediction of the future

Appearance: An elderly, blind flute-playing hobo wandering around.

Role: The Piper wanders throughout the forests of the Mansus, and sometimes through the forests and paths of the Histories he plays of - though those somber songs are not the tunes that most often come from his pipes. He plays tales and legends-some that might have been, many that never were, and a few that might yet be. While overtaken with grief, the Piper added new songs to his wanderings. Someday, he will patch together the shreds of song from each history and make them what he thinks the Weave might have wanted. Currently, he is probably one of the most free hours.

History: Maybe a more fairy-tale-ish version of Odin. Was blinded, but no one knows how. An old friend of the Weave of long ago, her vizier, chancellor, and prophet, who only told stories of what never happened and what might be until the Weave was slain. He fought with the Weft and Warp, who blinded him with a spindle and banished him from the Mansus. As a God-from-Light, he has a particular connection with the Glory and the Eye, and his precognition comes from this source. What effect this has on his motives and what is between him and the Eye is unknown.

Relations: Positive: The Captain: A similar friendly attitude. Negative The Weft and Warp: Furious at them for killing the Weave. Does not seek vengeance-more to fix what they did.

About the Extirpation: How he feels: “I know I didn’t do it, but...that’s worthy of their prison. It’s a monstrosity, and it can’t be stood for.” Who he blames: “Who do you think? If those two killed one, they have killed more. Never trust a thing they say.” What he hides: