The Hill-Queen

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Many-as-One, The Swarms, The Greatest Hive Creator: t3isukone

Origin: from-Flesh

Pronouns: The Queen herself is she, but the hive tends to go by they.

Aspects: Heart, Edge

Tarot: The Lovers

Ideals: Unity, conformity, organization, love, xenophobia, mob mentality

Appearance: An endless swarm of ants. When the Hill-Queen shows herself, her hive form themselves into the vague form of a regal woman.

Role: The Hive keeps to themselves, viewing the other Hours with general dislike at best. They brood in a giant underground complex, all enveloped in their Queen’s love. The Queen gives love to the hive, and the hive love their queen. All others are food or enemies, unless they wish to join them.


Relations: Positive: Hour Name: Relation Negative: Most Hours: To the Hive, anyone who is not one of them is an enemy. The Omnipede: Another hive is even more of a threat.

About the Extirpation: How they feel “We never liked them anyway. But a killer may move on us, and that is unacceptable.” Who they blame: “The scheming singleminded work among each other, never knowing true love or loyalty. Who knows what they might have done?” What they hide: “The inner machinations of the hive are our own. No others may lay claim to them."