The Fruitbat

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The Fruitbat
"Begin again, but know when to let go."
Origin Blood
Titles Drunken Master, Night-reveller, Lunatic, the Lethean
Names Itzpapalotl, <Xenagos>
Aspects Moth Grail
Date of arrival SNORT
Owner(s) Zaxxor



He looks like a giant bat, with arms under his wings; he walks on two feet, and is always depicted eating a bright, red fruit, with the fur? on his chest and face covered with red juice, and a bit sticky; he invariably smells like sweat and fermenting fruit, and looks and sounds drunk, whether a little tipsy or lost in revelling.


This is a bat who loves pleasure, and hungers for all things; his aspects are Grail mostly, along with the chaos of Moth. He's a good Grail, sincere pleasure rather than addiction, bloodlust, and the stuff from og grail.


Fruitbat is worshipped by partying types, maniacs, and generally bored people, though not for long; it mostly involves rampant hedonism and drinking, though there are cults who have different or even contrary aspects in his honour, as new things bring pleasure, too. <more when asked> Day of the Dead is something he likes, and also drinking and feeling better in the morning; for the moth side, he's worshipped by monks and martial artists, what allows you to set down burdens and party also allows you to set down thought and focus absolutely.


The common, Grail cult of the Fruitbat is the "Children of the Night", who meet for drinking, chaos, and madness under the full moon; additionally, there is the Heart/Grail "Unceasing Wingbeat", who party near-constantly, as there's always another to join. <more when asked> In other places, he is worshipped primarily as Moth, chief among those being the Southern Bat Temple, in <Fansus 3 China>


  1. Temptation: X: <if requested; Fruitbat would generally name someone who partied themself to death in his service>
  2. Dedication: X:
  3. Ascension: X:
  4. Ascension: X:
  5. Ascension: X:
  6. Ascension: X:


Drunken Ghost (8 winter, 8 grail): Sometimes, a spirit who crosses the <White Door of Fansus 3>, rather than going on to judgement or reincarnation or whatever awaits the dead, instead joins the Fruitbat's retinue. (Probably intentionally avoiding reincarnation, drink with Grailbat rather than roll the dice on life again)

Itzpapalotl, (12 moth, 12 winter): A Name dedicated to unknown pleasures,  Itzpapalotl has even been to the entrance, or even to Nowhere in pursuit of ever more interesting things; teaches Nahuatl; the form of an elven beauty, with obsidian butterfly wings

<Xenagos, the mad>, (12 grail, 12 edge): A satyr, or at least a Name that takes its form, who rolled through <Fansus 3 Central America> at the head of a mad revel, burning at least two cities and himself before ascension; teaches Nahuatl


Grove of the Fruitbat, Fascination, Grail influence, <Moon-Pomegranate> Nectar

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<Moon-Pomegranate> Nectar, 8 grail; The preferred drink of the Lunatic, refined from a fruit that grew from the corpse of a dead God-from-Stone


Full-moon Madness, 10 moth; The moon is the eye, and it looks upon me now (decays to Restlessness)



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