The Skinner Box

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Origin Light
Titles The Self-Squaring Circle, The Camera Obscura, the Chrysalis
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Owner(s) Erised



A close space. Sometimes a room, a small shed or shop. Sometimes, something smaller - Pandora held it as a Pithos, Aladdin as an oil lamp, Aeolus as a skin bag.



The adepts of the Skinner Box tend to be those who value xir abilities to provide an ambiance of quiet and intuitive imbibing and sharing of knowledge, warded from prying eyes and ears and of the interference of occult threats. Throughout the ages, librarians and diplomats, hypnotisers and preceptors, secretaries and nurses are all known to have traced and consecrated the angular, yet undulant-looking patterns of the Squared Circle around their havens, trapping time and noise within its folds.

An interesting information (and one useful to Secret Histories wanderers, at that): in those Histories advanced enough in technological progress to have discovered Internet (or a similar notion - all Webs, after all, are linked as one) tend to also place this domain under xir Patronage. Hence the dispensation of access to such network in boxes.

Those whose body traps them seem to garner favor from the Skinner Box. While paralytics or blind seers suddently discovering telepathic or telekinetic ways to go around their disabilites are the most spectacular sign of this blessing, those whose connection is the most intuitive with xe are those whose speech ability is impeded or removed by their handicap (whether deafness, muteness or heavy stuttering). Those exhibit an empathy towards any sentient being that borders on prescience.



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The most unsettling thing about the Skinner Box is definitely his Aspect. Knock is about openings, venom, truths that can't be denied and breakings. How can this translate to a meek, unassertive Hour, whose main task is to provide shelter, wards and benign blessings - a job that typically belongs to Heart? And besides, how can his manifestations of Knock be that varied? He has but a single Aspect!

Don't forget about Pandora's box. At it's bottom, remained one last present to mankind, one whom it is hard to categorize as either a merciful remedy or the most poisoned gifts of all. Elpis: an ambiguous word, that can either indicate the last remaining hope, or a irrational wait. In the case, it might be both.