The Gilded Insect

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The The Gilded Insect
Origin From flesh
Titles The honeyed tongue, the Wicked Contract, the Profane Corpse
Names Miser, Silverchain
Aspects Grail Edge
Owner(s) beardedtree

The Gilded Insect is a jealous and greedy Hour who craves the corpses of the From-Stone deities. It was by the power locked within their remains that he achieved hourhood - a horrible process that was essentially a ritualistic grafting of the parts to his body. Now an hour, the Gilded Insect uses his power to undermine the denizens of the Mansus - tempting the unfortunate from the correct paths. All of this is done so that he can secure more of the From-Stones’ remains and further rise to power.


Once, the Gilded Insect was a mortal man with everyday troubles and peaceful dreams. That was, until he, by chance, came across a lost piece of a From-Stone god. Upon contact, the man was infused with otherworldly energies. This force restored his youth and vitality, but now that he knew that such powers existed, he was changed forever. It wasn’t enough! The man collected more and more parts, growing stronger both in mind and body. As remains grew rare and their locations dubious or protected, so did the man’s methods become more inhumane. With parts from the Mangle and the Bait, the man enacted a great ritual and ascended to hourhood. Now rechristened as a beautiful hour called the Gilded, he greeted his newfound colleagues and settled into his new life. Sometime later, the Gilded would once again feel the calling of the From-Stones’ remains, becoming bitter and jealous of his colleagues and seeking even higher levels of power. While the more substantial corpse parts were kept protected, the Gilded collected and assimilated scraps. All was going well until his greed became is undoing. He stole a part of the Omnipede and consumed it. As it was part of a living whole, things didn't go as planned, and he horribly mutated into his current form. Now known as the Gilded Insect, he seeks to return to his original form and become the sole power in the Mansus.


The Gilded insect is a handsome young man, the image of the perfect human physique. A gold mask covers half of his face. His lower half, however, is a huge and monstrous centipede, which hints at his true nature...

== Principles ==

Lies and illusions. Cheats and thieves. Sacrilege and deceit. The Gilded Insect speaks honeyed words, tempting others to make deals with him, granting power in exchange for “favours”. Once the Gilded Insect has ensnared someone, he revels in their suffering, manipulating them into being a pawn for his wicked plans.





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The Fansus

The Glittering Palace, also called the Prison of lies

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How They Feel

I don’t feel the slightest bit of pity at their deaths, they were weak and the deaths provided my own ascension

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How he ascended and the magic behind it.