Brother Grimalkin

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Creator: t3isukone

Origin: Blood

Pronouns: Him/He

Aspects: Grail, Knock

Tarot: X - The Wheel of Fortune

Ideals: Bad luck, sadism, torture, people being ‘spirited away’

Appearance : An enormous black or dark purple cat.

Role: Brother Grimalkin is just here to torture people. In everyone who cries out for a reason for unfairness, in every wonder of why life must be so much suffering, in every reasonless act of petty cruelty, some beg and demand for a reason. Brother Grimalkin is that reason-a god who hurts simply for the sake of hurting, the reason for unfairness and pain. Pray it does not turn its eye on you. Brother Grimalkin is, at heart, a child. He hurts simply because he finds it fun. He rips and tears and destroys, because it is fun, and because he has no concept of morality that a human or one who is mature might. He takes a great, deep joy in his games, and has the endless energy of a kitten or young child. As a Knock aspect, it’s effectively futile to cage him. Brother Grimalkin will take what he wants, no matter who thinks they are imprisoning him.

History: ?

Relations: Positive: The Solemn: Thinks of him as a big brother. Negative: Hour Name: Relation

About the Extirpation: How he feels: “It was sad, wasn’t it? The Stones were always nice, and now no one can ever play with them anymore.” Who he blames: What he hides: Brother Grimalkin has the mind of a cruelly innocent child. He is a terrible liar. He might hide something, though...