The Uninvited Guest

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The Uninvited Guest
Origin Blood
Titles Ritual Breaching Charge // The Door's Key
Names At least one
Aspects Knock
Date of arrival Undecided
Owner(s) Zaxxor

The Uninvited Guest was a ritual to open the Doors of the Fansus, created and empowered by lots of sacrifice; all but one or two of the originally casting cult, even, and after opening the <Gate of Crowns>, which only the Long may pass, enough door-based magical stuff stuck to it, allowing it to gain an identity as an Hour. While it crashed through all those doors, it also crashed through the Butterfly Hatching, and destroyed it; this too was a sacrifice for the ritual's ascension. <expanded when people ask


The Guest looks like a stereotypical spy type, wide-brimmed hat pulled down, thick trenchcoat wrapped around its body, black gloves and boots; its main notable feature besides the spy getup is eyes that glow, if its eyes are ever -seen-.


Being a ritual to open things, it has no principle besides Knock, though its Names and cults have others, usually.



There are still remnants of the original cult who cast the ritual to create what was the Guest, though few as many were sacrificed to power/create it, and those who trespass or open hidden things, thieves, rebels, unaffiliated Know, and other such may have a space in their words for it.


<Not yet completed, will do more if people care and I find out what doors were in this canon>

  • First Mark: I've heard of a ritual to pass through any door, even that to the Glory; what is it?
  • Second Mark: This requires a great power of Knock; <I'm bad with names> will help.
  • Third Mark: My soul has been sharpened and carved to a key's teeth; I have subverted myself to the principle of opening, which is Knock.


  • <Better name pending>, an occultist who successfully was able to empower themself with the Guest; has the power of a Name, and a freer Name than most; perhaps they're even right behind you?
  • <I'm bad with names>, another member of the cult, who extended their life through some other method, and now sells knowledge of rites to people with rare treasures
  • <Carmen Sandiego>, a master thief, who eventually, they say, was able to break into the House of the Great Serpent; whether there's truth to the rumour or not, she's now a Name of the Guest, and its emissary in <forgot, Shesha i think>


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The Histories







  • Final Ritual of the Ancients, a half-intercalate that can sacrifice one person, and one anything with an aspect, also has a lore spot and an assistant spot