The Stomping Sands

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The Stomping Sands
Origin Nowhere
Titles The Stomping Sands
The Rising Pulse
Names None
Aspects Heart Edge
Date of arrival Unknwon
Owner(s) Cospinol

The Stomping Sands, also known as the The Rising Pulse, is one of the Hours of the Fansus, created by Cospinol. It is a God-From-Nowhere and its primary aspect is Heart, with a secondary aspect of Edge.




The Rising pulse appears not as a physical being, but as a mass of things ripped from the world. Its presence is heard first, a rhythmic beat of an alien pulse, a rhythm that disturbs the earth and shakes the sands. Then its source is felt, a warmth on the back, like an embrace of a cherished lover. Then it is seen, a collection of footprints, unconnected, distended, seemingly without match. The pulse builds, the sands fly, the footprints scurry, and all within its sight feel themselves rise to match. It crescendos and is gone again on another faster wind, a new footprint to touch down.

It has been said there exist those who recognize the voracious undulations upon the earth and speak of its many feet as separate from the being, yet it is unclear if this is literal to its appearance or simply commentary in regard to its essential essence, many imagine both. However, their description of the gnawing persistence in their veins and the lamprey-like nature of their spilled blood has been generally accepted as literal.


The Stomping Sands is the Hour of momentum and relentlessness. It is the rising beat of the predatory heart, the quickening pulse of the hunter, and the flailing crescendo of madmen. It is Heart for it knows only movement perpetual, and it is Edge for the ferocity of its crescendo and the stomping of its hunt.





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