The Morning Star

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The Morning Star
Tarot Morning Star.png
"All shall be redeemed"
Origin Blood/Nowhere/Flesh
Titles The Lamb-Devoured, The Entheator
Names The Valved Pond, the Glowing Witch, the Second-Sealed, the Hidden Fire, the Honey-Stained, Zaesar, the Cherrier, the Ascending
Aspects Lantern
Date of arrival In the 12th century
Owner(s) Ael

The Morning Star is an Hour of The Second Fansus, represented by the tarot card of the Hierophant, but reversed. The Morning Star represents enlightenment and guidance in the Mansus, such as the yearning for knowledge. He seeks to connect the Mansus and the Wake, by guiding mortals to his treasures that they cannot claim. The ultimate goal of the Entheator is the Unveiling of the Mind, a rite which is enacted with the connection of thousands of souls and minds, and commemorates all that exists, was, and is to be, and will reveal the final truth that is even hidden to Hours, a truth that the Lamb-Devoured seeks, for it represents the craving for that knowledge.



The Birth of the Morning Star

In the 12th century, after the arrival of the Worm Funktastic, Long invaded the Wood to purge it from gods-from-Nowhere. This event, now called the Invasion, was enacted by the Ordo Lupinum, a cult of semi-independent Lantern Long that ascended through The Succulent Glow and got bewildered by the influence of The Worm Funktastic. In a longer journey, these Long descended in the Mansus, until they reached The Lamb, a god-from-Nowhere, and devoured it, after they seized it in a glorious battle. The Long feasting on the Lamb would eventually unite to the Entheator, who guides. With that unification, a new goal, the Unveiling of the Mind, was born out of the desire of the Lamb, and the thoughts of the Long.

The Morning Star Shining

When the Morning Star was born, the skies were red, then blue, then glorious. The night that day, seven seals were opened, and immediately filled by seven, or eight, now immortals, who are now Names of the Entheator. These Names travel the Wood, and the places above, while the Morning Star resides in the Glory, in a part where he can be seen in a reflection in the Wood, on the Valved Pond, who is the eighth Name of the Entheator, and the reflection of the Morning Star, and the Entheator, and not seen. With each mortal guided to the Glory, another soul is guided to the Glory, and with each soul guided to the reflection of the Glory, another mind is guided to the Entheator.


The Entheator is a Long, male, tall, who is the Ordo Lupinum, who is found in a reflection, and the Glory. The Lamb-Devoured is found Nowhere, awaiting minds, in the mind of the Entheator, and is an influence, a Lamb which is not. The Morning Star shines in the Wake, from the highest point of the Glory. He is not reflected. He is to be wished upon, and he shines bright, even in the Wood.


The Entheator represents the principle of Lantern, for the light of the Glory which he bathes in, and reflects in the Wood. The Lamb-Devoured represents the principles of Moth and Grail, for its yearning and lust for knowledge, though the Morning Star doesn't acknowledge this lie, as the Lamb is not, as it only exists Nowhere in the mind of the Entheator.



The Morning Star is worshipped by cultists seeking enlightenment, fascinated aspirants, and madmen. All seek the same, which is truth and enlightenment, and all will be enlightened, though it'll devour them, in the end.


All who ascend under the Morning Star are marked by the Marks of Sooth, and seek enlightenment and truth.

  1. Temptation: Sooth: I could find truth, or even a truth that is hidden even from gods.
  2. Dedication: Sooth: I have dedicated myself to the Unveiling of the Mind, and have thus dedicated my purpose to the Morning Star, whom I wished upon.
  3. Ascension: Sooth: I have been reflected in the Valved Pond, and find the Third Mark on myself.
  4. Ascension: Sooth: My eyes are red, and they begin to become blue. I see the sky on which the Morning Star appeared, now. I know this to be the Fourth Mark.
  5. Ascension: Sooth: I have learned of the Lamb-Devoured, and I, myself, have devoured a part of it, too. I am not just one body now, and I shine in splendor now. I know this to be the Fifth Mark.
  6. Ascension: Sooth: I am a reflection, a part of me is glorious now. But a part is not enough. This is the Sixth Mark.
  7. Reflected, Opened, Entered:

Now my body is Light, just like the Glory is. My soul is in the Glory, by the Morning Star, and my mind is its reflection by the Entheator. I may know what they before me know, and I will exist as a light, shining, until I am devoured in the Unveiling of the Mind. But even when I am devoured, I will be devoured the same the Lamb was devoured. I will be Nowhere, and I will be in the mind of the Entheator, who will be fully enlightened.


The servants of the Entheator are a reflection, or walk the Mansus, guiding souls. The servants of the Morning Star are in the Glory, and wait to be consumed by the Lamb, which is devoured.


The Morning Star has seven, or eight, Names, though the eight Name is the Valved Pond, who reflects the Morning Star. The other Names are seven seals, who were filled: the Glowing Witch, the Second-Sealed, the Hidden Fire, the Honey-Stained, Zaesar, the Cherrier, and the Ascending.

The Valved Pond

The Valved Pond reflects the Morning Star, and thus is the Entheator, though the Entheator is the reflection and the Valved Pond the mirror.

The Glowing Witch

The Glowing Witch guides mortal souls in the Wood, and is often found near the Valved Pond. She generally appears like a witch, though she glows gloriously, to be found by mortals. She promises sight in the Mansus to those who ascend under the Morning Star.

The Second-Sealed

The Second-Sealed abandoned its name in Namehood. It can be found in the Swamp, easing the ascent for others. The Second-Sealed can be called by anyone knowing its name, so that the name can be destroyed, again. It promises the shedding of the old skin to those that ascend under the Morning Star. It often takes the appearance of a doorframe, waiting in a tree in the Swamp.

The Hidden Fire

In the ascent of the Morning Star, the Hidden Fire requires a sacrifice, though it may be a guidance like the other Names anyways. It promises warmth to all who ascend under the Morning Star. The Hidden Fire awaits in the depths of the Den, but can be seen from a far distance, due to it appearing as a burning mortal.

The Honey-Stained

The Honey-Stained promises the sweetest ends to those who ascend under the Morning Star. With her incomparable sweetness, she guides mortals further into The Mansus. She is found in the Foundation, and appears like a woman disguised in honeycombs, wearing a hummingbird mask.


Zaesar is the Name who doesn't promise anything, but shows how to ascend under the Morning Star. He is a formally dressed man, who is found in the Edifice.

The Cherrier

One may meet the Cherrier to dance with him, though each step will, as with the other Names, bring one closer to the Glory, until the Ascending is met. He promises the most powerful dances of all, and is found in the Arbory.

The Ascending

The Ascending is the last Name of the Morning Star, who leads anyone that started the ascent to the Glory. She doesn't talk, but everyone who meets her knows her. She is found at the Empyreal Gate.

The Names of the Entheator cannot be called into the Wake, though they may be called in the Mansus for help, or to ascend.


The Mansus

The Morning Star is found in the Glory, the Entheator is found in a reflection of the Valved Pond, who is in the Wood. The Lamb-Devoured is Nowhere, in the mind of the Entheator.


The Spirarch: concerned Morning Star noises


The Lamb-Devoured is from Nowhere, the Entheator is from flesh, the Morning Star shines bright. All are from blood.