The Lamb

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The Lamb
"Five hundred years... if only..."
Origin Nowhere
Titles The Devoured-One... the Lamb-Devoured?
Names ...the Names of The Morning Star?
Aspects Moth Grail
Date of arrival In the 7th century
Owner(s) Ael

The Lamb is no more, yet it remains in the mind of the Entheator, Nowhere. It was an Hour of fascination, and the insatiable urge for knowledge.



The Lamb was born in the 7th century BC, after it emerged from Nowhere. It was created through the feeding of thoughts to Nowhere, though that would technically make it a god-from-blood of sorts. On the other hand, there does not exist any other valuable speculation on the Lamb that would explain its birth, but who cares? The Lamb definitely did. From the moment it was born, it sought to feed on more thoughts, seeking for something that it did not know, though what it did learn was worthless to it. And thus, it hungered, drinking the Light from minds, feasting, but not growing. As its hunger could hardly be sated Nowhere, it hid in the Wood, attacking incautious dreamers, or tricking them into worshipping it.

The Feast on the Lamb

In an event known as the Invasion, Lantern-Long, who ascended under The Succulent Glow, wanted to set an end to the thriving of gods-from-Nowhere in the Wood, and began their battle with the Lamb, who devoured thoughts and hindered their cause. In a glorious battle, the managed to devour the Lamb, creating the Lamb-Devoured, which is the Entheator, who is the reflection of the Morning Star, who is these Long.


The Lamb looked, despite its name, more like a goat, though it had seven heads and ten horns, and was bathed in blood and Light. In the battle, all horns were torn off, and each head was opened. Seven of the horns would eventually be the keys to open the heads, and what happened with those heads is glorious History.


The Lamb represented the principle of Moth, for its yearning for the Light and the way it hid in the Wood, and Grail, for its insatiable hunger.



The Lamb always sought to be worshipped, but couldn't find any long lasting cult, as the Lamb's Reward was anything but enlightenment, which was its promise. Eventually, people would know what it was up to, which would, in the end, lead to the Invasion.


  1. Temptation: Enlightenment: It occurred to me that I hold the key to wisdom.
  2. Dedication: Enlightenment: I have met the Lamb, and it made a promise for me. Once I am ready, I will drink from one of its horns, and I will step towards enlightenment.
  3. Ascension: Enlightenment..?: I have drunk from the Lamb's horns. My hands shutter at what I have done... I am hungry, now.
  4. Ascension: Enlightenment..?: I am starting to develop heavy eye bags. Each time the sun rises, I want to stay longer in bed... but I can't.
  5. Ascension: Enlightenment..?: I rarely leave my house now. Each day, I try to fall asleep again, and drink from the Lamb. Each day now, I return unsatisfied, and even hungrier. I feel weak, and dull, but there must be more.
  6. Ascension: Enlightenment..?: Each time I wake up, I break down at tears, drinking from the blood the Lamb gave to me when I don't find it. I cannot sleep, even when the moon does not shine. What have I done?
  7. Devouring, Devoured: Now, I meet the Lamb one last time, and now it is too late. It was already too late when I returned the last time. Hungry, and nearly starved, I sit by it, and drink one last time, and then, it drinks, and feasts, the first, and last, time, and I feel everything of it, until I fall into dreamless sleep forever on.


The Wood

In the Wood, the Lamb resides.