The Aquarium

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The Aquarium is a Fansus location accessible from The Anterior Opening.


The Aquarium is a massive building filled with tanks of water in which float tomes of forgotten lore, somehow preserved. Various leavings and failed experiments of Hours also reside within, simultaneously trophies, prisoners, and exhibits. Some exhibits in the Aquarium include The Joined Ouroborines from the Fourth History, The Flesh Eaters from The Valley of Teeth, The Platyplode Plague from the Fourth History, and FNORD.


  • Last night, I dreamt of the Aquarium, the deep waters sacred to the Architeuthian. The Anaconda basked in the waters, lit only by the little creatures that glow in the depth where almost nothing can survive. Although it was far deeper than any mortal could reach, I still saw its head as big as a continent, its body encircling the Aquarium like Jörmungandr constricts the world. I saw it yawn, every tooth the size of the crescent moon or more. I carried the surety of their sharpness into the morning with me.
    • Provides A Resolution
  • The Architeuthian is sometimes merciful, which is why he allows access to those dreamers that can survive the Aquarium. Last night, as I dove deep within the waters, I came upon the Bright-Delver’s court beneath the waves. She permitted me to join her procession to view the Glory, and with the morning dawn I have managed to keep her laugh within my heart.
    • Provides Contentment
  • Last night, I dreamed of the Aquarium, of its deep dark waters, barely constrained by glass. Up became down, and in order to leave, I had to swim deeper, and fast. Shapes moved on the other side of the glass, servants of the Architeuthian. I awake, seawater on my lips, sounds of applause in my ears, and strength surging through my limbs.
    • Provides Vitality
  • I swam too deep in The Aquarium and saw what I should not have, the most forbidden and secretive of the Architeuthian’s creations. I should not have been looking, but I could not look away. If only the other Hours knew… If only…
    • Provides Fascination