The Mirage Door

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The Mirage Door, occasionally called the Formless Door or the Eye's Gate, is a Fansus location. This Way is not closed, but guarded. There are rules to the Mirage Door: You will have to best yourself to pass through the Mirage Door. All who are at the Mirage Door are obligated to fight their reflection, if it exists. If you forget what you are, nothing will stand to oppose you.




  • Last night, I spoke with the shapeless guardian of the Mirage Door, after I had passed the gate. She remembers all trespassers clearly, and recounted several notable visitors. He argued that they are all the same person, for each one was at some point it, that through her we all shared a common, secret form. I had asked it about that common form. I woke up before he could slaughter me.
    • Provides Dread