The Frozen Gallery

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The Frozen Gallery is a Fansus location accessible from The Mirage Door.


The Watcher in the Window has always resided in the highest rooms, in a cluster of chambers overlooking the Glassgarden. Her domain is a maze of rooms, each wall clustered with paintings, the memories she has plucked from countless mortals. Somewhere within is the Lost-Named itself, looking outwards. Despite how dangerous such a thing sounds, it is surprisingly hospitable to those who make the journey, most often those lead by the shining Mansus-snatches she leaves in dreams as she performs her work. To those who visit her in her rooms, she will return those memories they wish to claim (She says that she returns those she took on accident, because they are the ones that do not belong to her. But she has never been seen to refuse giving memories back).


  • Last night I made my way to the outer halls of the Frozen Gallery, where memory dwells. I attempted to make my way deeper, to the sanctum within, but as I walked I found the halls lengthening, the walls falling away, the chill deepening, burrowing into my bones. I will wake without finding anything, and for the rest of the day that cold will coat my bones and frost my breath.
    • Gives Perfect Frost
  • Last night I found a path to the chilly rooms where the Watcher in the Window dwells, and I attempted to make my way to her seat. As I journeyed, I found a painting, a memory, that I could not leave behind. Even now, I can’t explain what compelled me to cling to the frame and sob until the morning rays woke me. I do not remember what I had, but I remember what I have lost.
    • Gives That Old Yearning
  • In my dreams, I passed the Mirage Door and entered the chilly domain of the Lost-Named, and I travelled briskly through the halls, fearing neither chill nor beguiling memory-canvas. At last, I fell to my knees at the feet of the Watcher in the Window, and she bade me to look upon the vista she watched. The cobalt light of the Mansus fell away as I saw the the Glory’s brilliance fall upon the Glassgarden, the Glorious Lie, and the distant Bounds. When I wake, the sight will be burned into my eyelids.
    • Gives a Splendour