The Glassgarden

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The Glassgarden is a Fansus location accessible from The Mirage Door.




  • In my dreams, I saw the silver-leaf’d forests of the Glassgarden, and the blinding radiance of the Tower of Treasures. I would look down, if the grass was not mirror-shards and the flowers were not as glorious as jewels. I would look up, if the boughs of the trees were not glass and the fruits were not eyes. I would close my eyes, if I were not consumed by light.
    • Provides a Splendour
  • I dreamt of meeting a man wearing a robe of rainbow feathers. He was gaunt when I met him, but his wingspan was immense. “I may seem an englishman, but I’ve spent most of my old life in the Land of the Reed-Plains, and most of my new life under the Glory. I only have the local fruits for food. Here, each fruit is an eye, but each eye is closed. But I have questions for you. You are surely a member of the Stargazing Society, yes?" I remember his questions clearly, and his anecdotes clearer still.
    • Provides Port Noon Anecdote
  • Last night, I visited the Apple-of-the-Eye and its lake as a guest. A crowd of beautiful men and women welcomed me, and led me to the only tree near the lake. Secrets were scratched upon the bark, and all of its branches were heavy with gems. It might have been the rood of Christ, if not one of the trees from the Garden of Eden. I spent a long night under that tree, reading its secrets and drinking the lake’s clear water. My morning was bitter. I may come to regret having ever woken up.
    • Provides That Old Yearning