The Seventh History (Vol. II)

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Reign of the Emperor

Certainly there was a time before the Partisan and the Starless Emperor, but that age is lost to the past. All that is known is that one day, a powerful Long commanding the allegiance of legions of Mansus-spirits appeared, and the Historiy's nations fell like dominoes to him. Declaring himself the First Starless Emperor, this man blotted out the sky in inky blackness and set spirits along the path from the Seventh History to the House with one intention: to prevent any access to the Mansus. No dreams of keys or patterns in the skies. Without means of contesting this dominion, the Seventh History's rebellions quickly flared up and faded, until one did not.

The Partisan

The past and history of the Partisan are shrouded in mystery almost as much as that of the Emperor. What however, is known is that he was one of the very few aspirants who found the truth of the Mansus and explored further, looking for power to overthrow the tyrant.

Invasion of the Mansus

The Unanswering