The Glorious Child

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The Glorious Child, sometimes just called Glory-Child, is the physically youngest Hour, representing law, justice, and, in the eyes of other Hours, childish naivety.

The Glorious Child
Origin Light
Titles "The Hero", The Young, The Knight, The Youngest Hour
Names -
Aspects lantern edge
Date of arrival During the Collision
Owner(s) User:Blackwellmasked


In the Collision, when the two Glories collided, the Glorious Child was born, similar to how fire is born from two flints. In his childishness, he stayed in the debris of the Mansus, building a sort of castle from the shattered Mansus-stone. After multiple attempts of crowning himself as "the King of the Mansus," he managed to anger almost every Hour, causing him to see himself as the protagonist against the antagonists that the other Hours are. Despite him constantly trying to defend his right to "the Throne", most Hours tend to ignore him, hoping he'll change for the better, eventually. Despite his childish behaviour, he managed to ally himself with some Hours protecting the concepts of law and respect, which he claims to control.


Despite not behaving like one, the Glorious Child often appears as a twelve feet tall man in a golden armour, with a head looking like a massive light comparable to a yellow star. Various scrolls and weapons are attached to his armour.


The Glorious Child claims to represent law, justice and respect, such as the fight for those, thus representing Edge. He also represents the aspect of Lantern, for the Mansus, which he wants to rule.



In the Wake, the Glory Child spreads worship with "the Glow", a "new color of feeling". As the Glow can be spread simply with communication, his followers increase quickly in number.


  1. Temptation: The Voice: I heard a voice, once. It sounded royal, but it also sounded like the voice of an upstart. Is that my mind playing tricks?
  2. Dedication: The Speech : I am starting to doubt my own sanity. Whenever my mind's grip to reality loosens, I hear the same speech, though it's not unpleasant.
  3. Ascension: The Glow: I have seen the Castle in my dreams; far away, yes, but I found a way in to the proper Mansus, an achievement that is maybe for me to be proud of.(Assemble a parade to reach the Castle by the Sun)
  4. Ascension: The Glow: I have meet some who have felt the Glow as well. They wished only to help me as I had found them first.
  5. Ascension: The Glow: I turned others to the Hero's point of view; they seem so much happier now. The band is rehearsing and the feast is being prepared, we need only to wait.
  6. Ascension: The Ascent: And we march and sing and laugh and dance and do all the good things in the world with child-like glee; the Glow on everyone's face is amazing... how did I not see these feelings before?
  7. The Throne Room:




The Mansus

The Castle

The Histories








  • The Jahwian : They promised him his subjects loyalty under its gaze, he looks up to it as a true hero. some say that they gave him the idea of the glow, but its all rumor and tale.
  • They: they love him, he wants to love them, but they are form nowhere, he will love them, when he has nothing left to lose.


  • Practices poses in his castle
  • sees hours responsible for his creation as parents