The Ultimate Emperor

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The Ultimate Emperor
"Fear is best saved for the wicked"
Origin Nowhere/Mist
Titles The Frowning Man
The Again
Names The Oathbearer
Aspects Winter Heart Forge
Date of arrival He was there all along.
Owner(s) PerishedFraud

The Ultimate Emperor, The Frowning Man, The Obsidian, also known as Fritz, is a Winter and Heart Hour of the second Mansus, created by PerishedFraud. He is a Nowhere hour that had ceased to be long ago, but has risen again through Mist. Buried and forgotten in a lone catacomb of the Mansus, the Emperor found himself waking once more, fueled by forces that even he did not understand. One thing was clear, however - he once again had a cause. Seemingly forsaking his legacy, the Emperor seeks to make a haven in the Mansus under his rule, and all are welcome to help in his mission. The Emperor's abilities include great powers over life and death, as well as a mysterious authority over beings from Nowhere. His number is XIII.


The Emperor appears as a middle-aged man in regal but gloomy attire fit for a noble. He is an extremely cheerful and pleasant fellow, but always bears a saddened face. He carries a massive relic-blade as a single reminder of his previous incarnation. His true form is that of a black void without shape or form that travels as liquid, though he refrains from showing this due to courtesy. Rumors gathered from his council say that his domain is in actuality his true form, and that the person/liquid is merely an extension of such. These rumors are not yet confirmed.


  • The Calm - Fear is the Emperor's greatest enemy, and his entire creed enforces that there's no need for alarm, no matter the situation. Suffice to say that he also participates in genuinely improving the Mansus.
  • The Ruler - He is a responsible individual - kind and just to all others, doubly so to his followers. Also a great tactician.
  • The Beyond - While many hours represent the eventual end of all beings, the Emperor implies that said end is simply another chapter in existence.



The Ultimate Empire

A cult that consists of no members so far, though the Emperor had already written a bunch of principles and rules in case he'd ever get around to founding it.

The specifics involve a caste system that doesn't restrict rights, instead simply offering more boons to devoted members as they advance in rank. Offerings are made with monetary goods or useful supplies, and the greatest of aspirants become Lords or Knights.


  1. Temptation: Heritage: I see myself within a grand court, deciding on the matters of the world.
  2. Dedication: Heritage: Under the Emperor, I will survive. We will survive. Forever.
  3. Ascension: Fool's Wit: The First Mark brings me visions of inevitable doom. I laugh at it, and at the others.
  4. Ascension: Noble's Honor: The Second Mark chars my skin, but sets my resolve for salvation ablaze.
  5. Ascension: Knight's Vow: It is our duty to be beacons for all who wish to remain. I swear under a crest - the Third Mark.
  6. Ascension: Lord's Title: The Fourth Mark singes my mind, but I share the Emperor's noble cause, and he awaits me on his throne.


The Oathbearer

"Be at ease, for I have arrived."
Aspects: Edge12Heart12 Temptations: Heart10Winter2Knock5

Summon The Emperor's Left Hand

A powerful tactician and warrior in his own right, this knight serves the obsidian both in the Mansus and in the mortal realm. A charming fellow, by all means.

Be it a nobleman's refined wit or the ebony blade of his halberd, this gallant has your back, so let your fears subside.

The Imperial Council

The Emperor has no mortal following, but harbors a selection of hand-picked Names which roam the Mansus. They help others in need and spread his word, but ultimately each Council member has the same agenda - to facilitate further development of the Emperor's domain.

The Mansus


A small floating island. The Emperor claims that Imperium will expand and become a land of utmost peace.

Big Castle

Big Castle has a very deceptive name, considering that it is merely a small wooden house on the aforementioned island, near the middle of the Mansus. It came into being shortly after the Emperor's awakening, appearing out of thin air when no one was looking. The Emperor comically refers to it as his keep, though his intentions of making it one are far less pretentious. The interior is cozy and covers the bare essentials of comfort and aesthetic. A nice fireplace, a little wooden table, a makeshift kitchen and a straw bed for resting. The only thing off is the throne, of course.

Gate of Delirium

The pit of death from which the Emperor has risen. Located among the lowest chambers of the Mansus, in a passageway that no one ever needed to tread through. Here lies an array of tunnels that wrack the body and twist the mind, eventually leading to a gate to Nowhere itself which only opens to those with permission.

The Histories

No effect. The Emperor has no desire to meddle with the Histories. He was also asleep.



Ultimate Crown

Aspects: Heart4

So shiny! Put it on!

(The very first time it is used, it generates one Contentment.)


Aspects: Edge12

An implement of utmost strife born from a dream of eternal peace.

(Consumes a Contentment after use, spawning Dread if none are present.)

Void Scepter

Aspects: Winter2

A staff decorated with far too many skulls for the purpose it holds.

King Juice

Aspects: Heart6

Nectar that bears the Emperor's personal brand. Delicious!


An Ember of Hope

Aspects: Forge2

This moment says that everything will be alright.


Castle Construction 101

Aspects: Forge1

How helpful...

(Reading this book improves your castle construction skill, which is bound to be useful one day. Up to three copies may be found, and up to three improvements made.)






None, other than some of his own superstitions, which no one, including him, can verify. Gotta make that castle.