The Torn Secret

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The Torn Secret
Origin God-From-Nowhere
Titles The Torn Secret
The Ear-Worm
The Tear
Aspects Winter Secret Histories Moth
Date of arrival Unclear.
Owner(s) a cancerous expansion of the soul into the mind


There was a world that never was, and a stranger in a long coat who helped an army tear a hole in Berlin. All the heat in the world fell out through that hole, leaving the world barren and silent, until, many years later, life learned to live again. The stranger, and their long coat, cracked open the Tower of the Vizier long before the world's heat-death, and so as they and the shards of clockface fell to the Earth far below, the world changed, bending and warping into a new shape. The Tear was undone, but it was not erased.

The Torn Secret remembers itself. It desires a return. It hides in the depths of consciousness, subtly changing memories to reflect the world it lost, inspiring artists and writers to imitate it. It is subtle; it must not be discovered; must not be challenged. It yearns to return home. It yearns to have a home to return to.


The Torn Secret is a creature of silence. It lives in the unexplored corners of the mind; it expresses truths in ways that are only recognized, never observed. And those truths are always of its home, and of its plans. That yearning, once recognized, is undeniable. If it were ever studied, it would be classified as a creature of,, and the.


It has no 'real' home within the Mansus proper, but the Spire's Sister lives on inside of it--the immense, shattered twin of the Vizier's clocktower. Should it ever be rebuilt, standing opposite the 'real' clocktower, the Secret's purpose will have been completed, and the Tear will be reborn.







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