The Spiral

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The Spiral
"Eternal Revolution"
Origin Stone
Titles The Flow
Names None
Aspects Moth
Date of arrival Long before the Collision
Owner(s) PerishedFraud

Before things went wrong, there was once an Hour that venerated its own followers. A god of ambition and blind determination. Willpower incarnate, and, of course, the embodiment of the utter madness that is trying your best against all odds.

This Hour held great power, but didn't save itself. Instead, it made a noble sacrifice along with the -from stone of heart- to minimize the damage of the Collision.

Despite being well and truly dead, the Spiral's remains live on inside every living being, as they were always within to begin with. Call upon it in moments of utter despair, when there is no hope, and perhaps the atom of stone within you will answer...